Bring Predators Closer With Hands-free Calling

Interested coyote or bobcat hanging out and hanging up where you can't get a shot? Try this nifty, inexpensive tactic to bring it closer.

Bring Predators Closer With Hands-free Calling

Tape a soft rubber mouse squeaker to your rifle or shotgun where you hold it, and you can make sounds without moving anything but your thumb. (Photo: Alan Clemons)

Sometimes even the best calling routines may not get a coyote, bobcat or other predator to make that final move closer to your setup.

If you're using a rifle it might not matter since they can reach out and touch a songdog at distance. If you're using a shotgun, you may want them closer to ensure a good shot. And sometimes with either, the wary animal may sit there hiding behind a bush, in a small gulley or in vegetation waiting and listening.

Be assured, even if you can't see them they know where you are. Similar to turkeys, deer and elk, once you've hit the right notes to get their attention they know where to come looking. But also similar to those big game animals, coyotes and bobcats often hang back to see what's what. They pretty much know what's in their territory. Some could rush in but others play it safe.

Doing nothing but waiting might work for a stubborn coyote or bobcat. You've gotten their attention. Curiosity might work in your favor.

Or, subtle tactics might help. One possibility is to use the quiet yet often deadly mouse squeak. Primos makes a good, inexpensive one that works. I have several. If you think the sounds aren't enough to get a coyote's or bobcat's attention, think again. They work.

Do this, though: tape it to your gun's foregrip where you hold it with your supporting hand. That way you can manipulate the squeaker easily with only the movement of your thumb without letting go of the rifle or shotgun.

Camo Form resuable fabric tape in 11 colors from Gear Aid works well for this. It's a self-clinging wrap that doesn't leave any sticky or tacky residue on your gun. If the Camo Form gets wet, just remove it, let it dry and reapply. Or remove it and dry the gun, and apply new wrapping. It's a great way to knock off any shine and add more camo. Gear Aid has some other cool products, too, for hunting, angling and tactical uses.

The next time you're out pursuing coyotes or other predators, play hide and squeak with them to get them closer.


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