Beating Windy Weather Coyotes

Don’t let the wind ruin your hunt. Learn, instead, to use it to your advantage.

Beating Windy Weather Coyotes

Beat the wind and you stand a better chance of beating the coyotes.

Windy days don’t have to complicate your shooting IF you’re in broken country. Instead of setting up where the wind is screaming, look for draws, canyons and broken woods that block the gales. Not only will your bullets have less wind deflection to divert them, but you’ll shoot more precisely because you won’t be buffeted by the blasts.  

Do note that orthography alters wind currents. A west-to-east blow on the flats could turn into a north-to-south flow in a canyon or draw. Air currents will likely swirl, too, making it challenging to choose just the right location for calling. Scent bombs can help. Put them out well downrange at anticipated approach lanes and they might occupy your quarry long enough that it’ll ignore a whiff of human scent on erratic breezes. 

Another advantage to calling in sheltered zones is prey proximity. Most predators prefer to lie up in sheltered spots. They don’t appreciate high winds any more than we do. And without the roar in their ears, they’ll more easily hear your calls. 

One of my favorite call sites is just far enough off the lip of a draw or canyon to block most of the wind while providing an elevated command position above the bottom terrain. This makes it easier to see approaching customers and usually keeps my scent above the lower reaches.


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