Start Planning for the Best Baits And Lures to Trap Summer Coyotes

There are dozens of baits and lures for trapping predators. In this video Mark Olis will show you the specific baits and lures he uses when targeting coyotes in the summer.

Start Planning for the Best Baits And Lures to Trap Summer Coyotes

Summer is not the ideal time for trapping furbearers, but in the Southeast and some parts of the country it's the ideal time to trap coyotes that will be gorging themselves on newborn deer fawns.

Summer may not be the optimal time for trapping furbearers, but it's a hot time to target coyotes that will be preying on deer fawns and other young wildlife. (Photo courtesy iStock)

Peak rut dates for whitetail deer vary wildly throughout the United States. These periods when bucks are chasing and breeding does is more easily pinpointed in Midwest states. In the Southeast, due to restocking efforts and other factors, peak breeding periods and the ensuing 210ish-day fawn drop may run from mid-November to late February, depending on the state.

That means in some areas of the Southeast, summer coyotes are hot for young, tender fawns. This has been a growing problem in the last 10-15 years, with more biological research being done in many states. It's not just apocryphal stories from hunters, either. Coyotes definitely can have an impact on populations of deer, turkeys and small game.

If you want to increase fawn recruitment numbers on your hunting land, then it’s time to start trapping coyotes prior to the fawn drop. Be sure to check your state's laws and regulations about trapping, seasons and any necessary permits.

With so many lures and baits on the market it can sometimes be confusing as to which one you should use. One thing to remember when trapping in warm weather is that scent twill travel farther and remain “louder” with the hot weather so a little goes a long ways. It also means that more meat-based baits will taint quicker in the heat.

In this video, Predator Xtreme contributor Mark Olis will show which baits and lures he uses to draw in coyotes during the summer. You may find these baits and all your trapping supplies at PCS Outdoors.

Remember, it may be hot, sweaty and buggy out there but trapping predators in summer can pay off later.


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