ATN announces three new optics series for 2018 SHOT Show

ATN's new series in optics include thermal, a smart riflescope and rangefinder.

ATN announces three new optics series for 2018 SHOT Show

ATN has been hard at work, perfecting three new optic series to release just in time for this week's 2018 SHOT Show. The manufacturer of advanced night vision, thermal imaging and digital Smart HD optics for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement has announced the release of the new THOR 4, X-SIGHT 4K PRO and ABL 1000/1500 Laser Rangefinder.


The new THOR 4  series (pictured top left) offers an ultra-sensitive Next Gen Sensor with enhanced image processing capabilities. The new dual core processor now allows for simultaneous onboard video recording and wi-fi streaming at the same time. Keeping up with the product needs of our customers who wanted to live stream on social media platforms. Video files can also now be stored on a micro SD card up to 256GB. The Thor 4 series still has recoil-activated video capabilities. Set your video record to RAV, and get a full video of what you saw before the shot was taken, the moment of, and as much video after until you stop recording.

“The THOR 4 is the future of thermal technology. Our engineers really outdid themselves again,” ATN director of marketing Steve Lemenov said in a press release.

The new THOR 4 also has a new design and is recoil resistant. Built with hardened Aluminum Alloy and impact resistant electronics, this scope is designed to withstand the pressures of your high caliber weapons.  ATN's innovative core architecture also allows for up to 16 hours of continuous power with the new integrated internal battery.

Sighting your scope is easy with our One Shot Zero feature. Take a shot, adjust your reticle and you are good to go. ATN still helps you stay target ready with its Ballistic Calculator feature. Wind speed, range, incline is calculated and the scope instantaneously makes corrections to the reticle’s point of impact. Plus, the profile manager feature will save your ballistic settings and the “zero” in a profile, even when switching rifles or distances.

MSRP for the THOR 4 starts at $1,999. For more information, visit

X-sight 4k pro

The new X-SIGHT 4K PRO series (pictured bottom right) features newly developed 4K Ultra HD Sensor and dual-core processor technology.

“The X-SIGHT 4K PRO is the future of rifle scopes. We listened to our customers and made improvements based on lessons learned,” Lemenov said.

The 4K Ultra HD technology offers even higher resolution and faster optics, allowing for a quicker image to form on the new HD Display. Plus, there is no loss of resolution up to 10X magnification.

The X-SIGHT 4K Pro features the same dual-core processor and increased capacity of microSD cards as the THOR 4. It also has recoil-activated video capabilities, recoil-resistant design and One Shot Zero feature, as well.

MSRP for the X-SIGHT 4K PRO starts at $699.

ABL 1000/1500 Laser Rangefinders

The ABL 1000/1500 Smart Rangefinder (pictured bottom left) takes only minutes to install, and once active your ATN Smart Scope’s internal Ballistic Calculator will make instantaneous POI adjustments to your reticle. You are ABL to control your Laser Rangefinders controls via your SMART Sight, and it will be compatible with ATN SMART HD Day, Night and thermal riflescopes. Plus, your distance to your target will be clearly recorded when your ABL 1000/1500 is in use while recording.

“We are proud to launch these exciting new products at the 2018 SHOT Show. The ABL 1000/1500 Laser Rangefinders will help enhance our customer’s hunting and shooting experience. We do the Ballistics and You do the Hunting! Pure and Simple. We are confident our new products will improve shooters accuracy overall," Lemenov said.

MSRP for the ABL 1000/1500 Laser Rangefinders starts at $299.


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