4 Top Predator Hunting Products for 2019

If you're getting ready for autumn seasons, consider these four hot predator hunting products for 2019 that could help you put more coyotes, foxes and varmints on the ground.

4 Top Predator Hunting Products for 2019

Sig Sauer Electro-Optics Kilo3000 binocular is designed for rugged use in the field but serves wonderfully at the range, too, to check your shots and for scouting hunting areas before the season opens. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

Whether you’re trying out that new dry rub on backyard ribs or new tires on your UTV, don’t overlook a tryout of new hunting gear. You likely have dialed back your predator and varmint pursuits after the summer solstice, but it’s no reason to abandon planning for pursuits when the days shorten.

Communicating Optics

Americans love two things: technology and saving money.

Unbelievably, you can do both with wise investments on your hunting gear. One of the greatest innovations today is an optics system that works in tandem via Bluetooth technology. You get the latest in optics and if you shop right, you can purchase a binocular with an included rangefinder for big savings.

Sig Sauer’s latest offering is the KILO3000BDX laser range-finding binocular that includes rangefinding applications and high quality optics. The 10x42mm combo ranges to 5,000 yards to the nearest 1/10 yard. Brightness is adjusted automatically to match changing light conditions and all lenses are ED glass, and fully multi-coated.

Readings are instantaneous with Sig Sauer’s HyperScan technology that provides four updates per second when in scan mode. When you include these and other features the winnings already add up for you with a combo in the right price range, but there’s more.

If you decide in the future to upgrade your riflescope you should consider a Sierra3BDX riflescope. The onboard calculator of the KILO3000BDX laser range-finding binocular sends ballistic data via Bluetooth straight to the riflescope for illuminated, holdover information on the reticle immediately after zapping a distant target.

The KILO3000BDX laser range-finding binocular makes trajectory calculations in your mind a thing of the past. For a quickly-unraveling predator appearance it makes perfect sense to match new technology while saving money on combination devices. 

Alps Enforcer all-in-one backpack and hunting chair combines the best of both in one unit for mobile hunters.
Alps Enforcer all-in-one backpack and hunting chair combines the best of both in one unit for mobile hunters.

All-In-One Backpack

If you struggle with the transportation needs of all of your gear from truck to field you are not alone. When you add in a bulky electronic caller with shooting sticks, a decoy, extra layers and all of the other knickknacks you take into the field, you’re pack begins to appear as if you are going to summit Everest.

Alps Outdoorz specializes in packs for the hunter and their new Enforcer pack is designed specifically for predator hunters with their unique hunting needs. The pack wears like others, but hidden in the design is an entire system dedicated to you.

For starters, you can abandon cold ground because the pack has a seat built into it. A cushy, 3-inch-thick memory foam seat folds up into the kickstand frame for comfort and shooting stability. Large swivel feet hold the chair firmly while you aim and enjoy the rigid back support.

A large cargo compartment holds your electronic call and decoy while front compartments give you room for hand calls, scents and other gizmos you desire. Additional, removable pockets rest on the waistband adding even more space for your junk including loops for shotshells and extra cartridges. The pack is also hydration compatible if you hunt arid, desert country or simply love water. It weighs 7.5 pounds and is available now at outlets like Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer No Zone
Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer No Zone

Truck Deodorizer

You stink and that’s why you maintain an upwind advantage while hunting predators. Even so, it’s easy to pick up extra scents while you drive out to your predator hunting location.

Wildlife Research Center knows your conundrum and has tackled the problem with your budget in mind. Erase all the scent around you and on gear easily with Wildlife Research Center’s Scent Killer No Zone. Packaged in a 32-ounce bottle, this scent-eliminating technology focuses on attacking and destroying odors that contaminate air, and space, like those in your truck or even your gear room. The convenient sprayer dispenses an unscented, odor-fighting formula to ensure your hunting areas are as odor free as you before the hunt.

Also use it to wash away odors in your closets, duffle bags, backpacks, hunting camp and other spaces known for holding a scent. It’s ozone free and more affordable than a stop at McDonald’s.

Electric Caller With Decoy

Maybe you have avoided jumping into the electronic caller fray or did it years back and have been considering an upgrade? I’m in that boat, but I like tested and true. The FoxPro HammerJack not only has been tested, but it’s one of the top electronic callers on the market for many good reasons.

For starters the calling unit comes with 100 free sounds that will call in virtually anything, but you can add 200 more with simple downloading instructions. Those sounds emanate realistic noises of nature with dual speakers and volume that will cross several pastures to lure in predators from adjoining properties.

Clarity is maintained with quality audio components to maintain true sounds throughout the volume range. You can even add additional external speakers for increased volume if you want to call the entire county.

Combined with the electronic caller is the Fuzzy Wuzzy, a FoxJack 4 decoy that operates in tandem with the call or separately. Place your caller out in front of you and with the dependable remote control you can vary sounds, volume, decoy action and even combine sounds for incredible theatrics on your next predator hunt.

Even if you can’t get after the predators and varmints of your dreams this summer there is no reason not to prepare. After the grill cools do some brainstorming on gear you’d like to try out this summer.

Foxpro Hammerjack Electric Caller Predator
Foxpro Hammerjack Electric Caller Predator


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