United States Senator Rand Paul Isn't a Fan of Quail and Cocaine

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) makes a strong point about wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars with his rant about research into quail and cocaine.
United States Senator Rand Paul Isn't a Fan of Quail and Cocaine

It's pretty doggone sad that a United States senator is pointing out the obvious, on the Senate floor of the Capitol, no less, and even after hearing about this the public gnashes teeth but nothing happens.

Nothing. Snickers, of course, and headlines like ours. Yes, we're contributing to the noise. Made you look!

We don't like cocaine and quail, either, in a combined format. Quail, yes. Quail hunting, bird dogs, whistling quail in the morning gloaming, the explosion underfoot that takes your breath away before you refocus to try to FindShoulderAimShoot all in one movement. We love that.

The powdery stuff of Pablo, Scarface, the 1980s on Wall Street and other assorted bad folks? Nah, not so much. That's not our gig.

United States Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) doesn't like it, either, and recently railed on the Senate floor about how our taxpayer dollars are being wasted on a research study by the National Science Foundation. Of course, it's a research study. And of course the amount is in the six-figure range. And of course this IS OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS AT "WORK" on an idiotic study.

The cost? Oh, just $357,000. (Insert your own angry emoji face here).

The "research?" Hang on to your silver toot straws. It's "research" into how the sexual, um, promiscuity of Japanese quail may be affected when the birds have ingested cocaine.

Good grief. It always seems like in D.C. it goes to sex, drugs and money, right?

A couple of questions:

How do the quail ingest the coke? Do they snort it? Scoop it up with their little claw toenails?

Do quail consider cocaine a gateway drug? Is there an epidemic of crack, meth and opioids among the quail community? Is THAT the reason for the population declines!?!?

Coyotes are the dealers, right? Coyotes get the rap for everything else. No wonder they're moving ALL the time and expanding their range. Yeah, heh, "expanding their range." Doggone coyotes. They probably have their eye on pheasants and turkeys, too.

Paul has brought up this specific research deal for a couple of years and it's clearly not a one-time project. That stinks, because it means this is a clear example of wasteful spending that our elected "leaders" allow to continue. They talk out of both sides of their mouths and keep the money train going.

When does quail season open?


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