Outdoors News: Smith & Wesson Supports #GunVote; Eley Launches Precision Club

In the latest outdoors news, Smith & Wesson is donating $500,000 to the NSSF's #GunVote initiative, and Eley ammunition has launched its premier Precision Club for shooters.

Outdoors News: Smith & Wesson Supports #GunVote; Eley Launches Precision Club

Firearm manufacturer Smith & Wesson has contributed $500,000 to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s #GUNVOTE voter registration and education campaign.

It is the largest donation the #GUNVOTE campaign has received to date.

“This election cycle marks a crossroads in the future of the firearms industry and of our very freedom to bear arms,” said Mark Smith, President and CEO of Smith & Wesson

“We must ensure the Second Amendment is protected at every level. It is critical that hunters, recreational target shooters, and all those seeking to exercise their constitutional right to protect themselves and their families be educated and vote in November. We’re extremely proud to make this contribution to NSSF’s #GUNVOTE campaign and for what it represents in educating voters how their choices at the polls will impact the future of all Americans’ free exercise of their constitutional rights."

Election Day is less than 70 days away and millions of voters will head to the polls on Nov. 3. Nearly 5 million of those are first-time gun buyers. Current events across the United States demonstrate why the Founding Fathers 230 years ago had the foresight to recognize why the right to keep and bear arms would still be vital today.

#GUNVOTE is a campaign by the NSSF to encourage America’s gun owners to register to vote, to become educated on where the candidates stand on the Second Amendment and, on election day not to risk their rights and #GUNVOTE. The campaign’s website provides links to help voters register and find their polling place.

Eley Launches New Precision Club

Eley has launched its Eley  Precision Club, allowing competitors from all over the world to compete against each other from the comfort of their local shooting club.

Eley believes online competition provides the perfect opportunity for competitors to participate in global competitions and has an exciting ‘Masters’ series of events scheduled with the opportunity of becoming a ‘World Champion.'

Michael Atkinson, brand manager for ELEY said: “ELEY is constantly striving to develop and revolutionize shooting sports. The ELEY Precision Club will provide shooters of all ages and abilities from a range of disciplines to compete on a global stage against other shooters internationally.”

The first competition to be hosted on the platform is the ELEY benchrest masters. Competitors will be shooting six targets, each with 25 bulls at a distance of 50m. Scores will need to be uploaded to the myELEY dashboard by the competition end date, 11:59pm on Nov. 1 (GMT).

To find out more about the masters series, or to enter the first benchrest match, visit www.eley.co.uk/precisionclub.

Second Amendment Foundation Joins Suit Against California

The Second Amendment Foundation has joined in a lawsuit challenging California’s use of bureaucracy and the COVID-19 pandemic to undermine and restrict citizens’ access to firearms in violation of the state’s 10-day waiting period law.

SAF is joined by the Firearms Policy Foundation, California Gun Rights Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc., San Diego Gun Owners PAC, Five Five Six, Inc., dba Firearms Unknown, PWGG L.P., dba Poway Weapons & Gear & PWG Range and four private citizens. They are represented by attorney Bradley A. Benbrook. The case is known as Campos v. Becerra.

Named as defendants are California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Brent E. Orick, director of the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms, in their official capacities.

“California DOJ and the Bureau of Firearms are using the state’s Dealer Record of Sale and the coronavirus outbreak to violate the state’s 10-day waiting period by extending it as long as 30 days to complete a firearms transaction,” SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb explained. “The agency is essentially violating its own law to perpetuate its anti-gun political philosophy needlessly delaying the ability of law-abiding Californians to exercise their rights.”

The lawsuit, filed in San Diego County Superior Court, notes this policy delays firearm transfers “beyond what is authorized by law.” Plaintiffs note state law allows anti-gun Gov. Gavin Newsom to suspend state law based on emergencies like the pandemic, but he did not suspend the state Penal Code dealing with firearms “because it would have invited a wave of litigation over whether an up-to-30-day delay violates the Second Amendment."

NRA-ILA Partners With 6 Companies to Fight Anti-Gun Campaigns

The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) is proud to announce a new partnership with six companies that have pledged to match $1 million in donations made to NRA-ILA through Nov. 15.

The campaign is called Partners for Patriotism.

“These patriotic businesses are pledging vital resources to support and defend the Second Amendment because they understand that our right to own a gun in defense of ourselves and our families is on the ballot in November. By working together with such partners, our membership intends to defeat those who are trying to strip our rights away from us,” said Jason Ouimet, executive director, NRA-ILA.

The six participating companies are Sig Sauer, Kel-Tec, Credova, Rock Island Auction Company, Taurus and Davidson’s Gallery of Guns.

The campaign, Partners for Patriotism, is simple. Anyone who makes a donation to NRA-ILA between now and Nov. 15 will have their donation matched. Folks can make donations of any size — whatever they can spare is helpful. And because of this campaign, whatever is donated will automatically be doubled by participating companies.

“If you’ve considered donating in the past, but never got around to it — now is the time. A donation now has twice the impact at the most critical time possible, as every dollar donated goes directly to NRA-ILA’s political fight for America’s Second Amendment,” Ouimet said.

Donations can be made here.

Sig Sauer Academy Hosting Mogadishu Mile Run Meet-Up

Sig Sauer Academy will host a “Mogadishu Mile Run Meet-Up” on Oct. 3 at its Epping, New Hampshire, facility.

The event will commemorate the heroic actions of the U.S. Army Rangers in the Battle of Mogadishu, and benefit the Three Rangers Foundation.

The Mogadishu Mile is the Three Rangers Foundation annual commemoration event of Task Force Ranger and remembrance of the fallen warriors of Operation Gothic Serpent, Somalia, Oct. 3, 1993. The daylight operations began in the afternoon on Oct. 3 and did not end until the final Ranger element departed the city in a running gun battle now known as the Mogadishu Mile the morning of Oct. 4.

“Sig Sauer is honored to partner with the Three Rangers Foundation as one of several hosts of this event and pay tribute to the courage and heroism of Task Force Ranger in the Battle of Mogadishu,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales. “In addition to hosting this event at the Sig Sauer Academy, we have committed to a substantial financial contribution to the Three Rangers Foundation to assist in carrying out their mission to provide continued support to the Rangers and families of the 75th Ranger Regiment.”

You can participate in the 2020 Mogadishu Mile Event in person at a “Mogadishu Mile Meet-Up,” or virtually by registering for the event at threerangersfoundation.org. Registration is $25 and includes an exclusive Nine-Line event t-shirt. All proceeds from this event benefit the Three Rangers Foundation.

Participation at the Sig Sauer Academy “Mogadishu Mile Meet-Up’” on is limited to 160 participants in groups of 10 at specific time slots from  a.m. – 1 p.m. To sign-up for a time slot at the SIG SAUER Academy “Mogadishu Mile Meet-Up” visit sigsaueracademy.com. Participants will run a one-mile course and have the option to pass through the Academy obstacle course on the grounds academy.

Additional 2020 Mogadishu Mile Meet-Up sites are located in Georgia, Texas, and Maryland. For specific information about these locations visit threerangersfoundation.org.


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