New Archery World Record Mountain Goat

A special panel of judges from the Pope and Young Club recently recognized a new archery world record mountain goat.

New Archery World Record Mountain Goat

We recently told you about a new archery world record black bear recognized by the Pope and Young Club, and the records keep falling with the announcement of a new archery world record mountain goat. 

Meeting on Feb. 15, 2020, at Pope and Young Club headquarters in Chatfield, Minnesota, a special panel of judges considered a potential archery world record mountain goat taken by bowhunter Rosey Roseland. After examining the goat’s horns, the panel announced a final score of 53 2/8 inches, which narrowly topped the previous world record of 53 inches. The former record mountain goat was arrowed near Kalum Lake, British Columbia, on Feb. 16, 2006. Roseland’s new world record was killed on Revillagigedo Island in southeast Alaska on Oct. 3, 2019.

“I had been putting in for a limited draw permit for this area (Ketchikan 005) for about 10 years,” Roseland said. “The area is known for its big goats, and is fairly close to my home, POW (Prince of Wales) Island. I was after a mature billy, so my wife and I scouted the area in July. On October 2nd, my friend from Montana, Matt Anderson, and I backpacked into the area. Through the rain and fog, we spotted this goat bedded down, and I could see that he had very big bases. Good enough, I decided. I was concentrating so hard on my stalk and my 20-yard shot, that I hardly looked at his horns. When we walked up on him, we knew he was big, but not world record big.”

Author’s note: While any world record is tremendously impressive, I must point out that achieving the feat with a traditional bow, as Rosey Roseland accomplished last fall, is worthy of special mention. Congratulations, Rosey!


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