Video: Spot-and-Stalk Archery Moose in the Yukon

When it comes to bucket list bowhunts, Alaska-Yukon moose is near the very top of almost every hunter’s list.

Video: Spot-and-Stalk Archery Moose in the Yukon

Greg McHale grew up hunting at an early age in the farm country of Ontario, and soon after college, he moved to the mountains of the Yukon in search of adventure. His first job in the outdoor realm was as a packer for Arctic Red River Outfitters. This outfitter didn’t use horses, so McHale’s job was to put gear (including meat, hides and horns) on his back and move it from point A to point B. Because a guide for Arctic Red River quit after 1.5 months during McHale’s first fall in the Yukon, he then got the opportunity to do some guiding, too, for sheep and caribou. Fast-forward to today and McHale hosts a very popular outdoor TV show called “Greg McHale’s Wild Yukon.”

The video below showcases an archery hunt for Alaska-Yukon moose during late September. Of all bowhunts on the planet, this one is No. 1 on my bucket list.

With snow-covered mountains and valleys as a backdrop, McHale and his hunting partners pass a couple of “small” bull moose before finally setting their sights on a giant. Watch as McHale raises his compound bow and bare hand so they look like the antler palms of a rival bull, and instead of trying to hide in the shadows during his stalk, he approaches the bull in full sight, rocking side to side like an aggressive challenger (photo above).

The big bull doesn’t charge McHale, but it doesn’t flee, either. And as you’ll see, the massive animal finally gives McHale a perfect quartering-away bow shot opportunity.


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