Video: Moose Visits Bowhunter in Ground Blind

A woman bowhunter in pursuit of whitetails in North Dakota has an unexpected visitor to her ground blind.

Video: Moose Visits Bowhunter in Ground Blind

Breann Zietz was bowhunting for whitetails recently in North Dakota, but instead of having a big buck walk within shooting range, she was visited by another member of the deer family — a moose!

Zietz was hidden in an Ameristep ground blind, and while whitetails are often wary of a blind’s open-window “black hole,” it’s clear that this cow moose didn’t care. Here’s how Zietz described the once-in-a-lifetime encounter: 

“If I had to guess, I would give Nose Jammer field spray partial credit for this close encounter. As soon as this curious cow moose got downwind of me, I think it smelled the almost vanilla scent from spraying Nose Jammer in my blind. She came to get a closer look.

“I will let the video speak for itself, but I will add that I was scared to death, heart pounding, shaking, but excited. I didn’t know what to do, so I stayed still as if I wasn’t there. I’ll never forget this moment.

“The very last second of the video, she tripped over the rope that anchors the wall down. It shook the blind so much that I jumped out of my seat to my knees and accidentally stopped the video. The next sound I heard was the moose scared and running away. I mean after all, it’s only a near thousand-pound animal. #ndoutdoors #moose #bowhunting #groundblind”


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