Self-Filmed Video: Spot-and-Stalk Moose With a Recurve

A bowhunter carrying a 70-pound-draw recurve stalks an Alaskan moose through the deep snow and thick conifers, eventually taking a 10-yard shot.

Self-Filmed Video: Spot-and-Stalk Moose With a Recurve

This video is the epitome of simplified bowhunting. Andy Petroni is self-filming his Alaska archery-only moose hunt. As you’ll see, he’s stalking a moose through deep snow; the conifer branches are drooping under the weight of fresh powder.

Unlike many videos on YouTube, this one contains zero window-dressing — no music, no intro, no whispered hunt updates. It’s 8 minutes and 15 seconds of mostly silence, interrupted only occasionally by the sounds of Andy’s stalking and measured breathing.

Andy is carrying his dad’s nearly 40-year-old Robertson Prairie Falcon recurve bow, which has a draw weight of 70 pounds. (I can tell you from experience that drawing 70 pounds with a recurve and shooting it accurately is no small feat.) His arrow of choice is an Easton Axis 5mm Carbon, and it’s tipped with a 125-grain Annihilator XL broadhead. Total arrow weight is 540 grains.

Watch closely to spot the moose during Andy’s stalk. You’ll see it early on at the 26-second mark, then you’ll see it move again at the 2:02 mark, and again at 4:19.

During the final encounter, the cow moose is browsing on twigs and unaware of Andy’s presence in the conifers. He shows incredible patience waiting for an ideal shot, which finally happens at a range of 10 yards when the moose takes a step forward and stops, slightly quartering away.

The cow runs only 50-60 yards after the shot. The broadhead penetrates through the moose’s chest and stops in the hide on the opposite side.

When asked how he got that huge animal out of the forest, Andy replied, “In pieces. Basically cut it into quarters, pulled some out on sleds and some on our backs. It was about a mile from the truck, so not too bad.”

Congrats, Andy, on your traditional bow moose, and thanks for sharing the incredible experience with fellow hunters through your video.


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