Bowhunting Video: DIY Float Trip for Alaska Moose

Bowhunter Isaac Landecker experiences everything the wilds of Alaska has to offer — including an emergency bush plane “landing” in a swamp — on his quest to tag a trophy moose.

Bowhunting Video: DIY Float Trip for Alaska Moose

Isaac Landecker and a friend planned on hunting moose by foot from a spartan base camp, after being dropped off in the wilderness by a bush plane. However, when the engine quit on their Super Cub, they had to make an emergency landing in a swamp. After he and his friend were rescued by a helicopter, Isaac is forced into making hunting plan B.

Four days later, Isaac is dropped off by a bush plane on a remote river for a 75-mile solo float hunt. He’s carrying a pistol for bear protection, and has 14 days to complete his adventure. 

As you’ll see in the 11-minute YouTube video, Isaac uses the river to his advantage, floating to areas that offer a good vantage point for glassing, as well as stopping occasionally in spots that set up well for calling and even decoying.

The video footage is outstanding, especially the drone scenes, and as a viewer you get a beautiful glimpse of what Isaac experienced in the bush.

Spoiler: My only bit of constructive criticism takes place at the 8:45 mark where he recreates the arrow release from the bull moose’s perspective. Showing us this view afterward would have been okay and educational (no need to shoot a second arrow), but in my opinion it’s strange to edit it into the spot-and-stalk sequence. 

Tagging a big bull with archery gear is No. 1 on my bucket list, but I’m afraid I’m not in good enough shape anymore, and maybe a little too old (born in 1965) for a similar DIY Alaska adventure.

Congrats to Isaac Landecker for making it happen, and thanks for sharing your hunt with dreamers like me.


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