Video: A Backpack Inspired by a United States Military Photo

The Mystery Ranch Overload backpack has its origin in a photo taken of a United States serviceman in Afghanistan.

Video: A Backpack Inspired by a United States Military Photo

Mystery Ranch is a well-known and respected outdoor company that makes mission-specific packs, and it recently released a 3-minute video that explains the origins of its Overload backpack.

FYI: As an editor, I receive many emails each day from companies and their rep groups with new product announcements, and truth be told, not a large percentage of them catch my eye. I wasn’t so quick to hit the “delete” key on this Mystery Ranch press release for two reasons: I’m interested in large backpacks for hauling whitetails on big tracts of public land, and the text mentioned United States military snipers — i.e. heroes who fight for your freedoms and mine every day all around the world.

In the video, you’ll meet U.S. military sniper Shannon O’Keefe, and you’ll also hear from Mystery Ranch co-founder and pack designer Dana Gleason (photo above). I won’t play the role of spoiler. I invite you to watch the short video and learn the interesting story about how the Overload pack, which has the unique ability to haul heavy and awkward loads, came to be.

Finally, it only seems fitting to post this short article and video on Veterans Day. I want to personally thank Shannon O'Keefe and all other men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces.


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