The Sounds of Silence

Suppressors can help hunters pull off an effective second shot by taming muzzle blast and reducing recoil.

The Sounds of Silence

Its impossible to avoid all failures while hunting coyotes. The world is imperfect, and they are darn near perfect. Too often, a second shot might be required. You might be able to make a coyote hit the brakes with a bark or the yips of a wounded brethren, but a better way to get a second chance is to equip your rifle with a suppressor. The subdued snap of a suppressed bullet launch is not as threatening as the crack of an unsuppressed projectile leaving the barrel. And reduced recoil allows you to maintain your sight picture on a fleeing coyote. 

Until recently, purchasing a suppressor was more difficult than finding a sit-down restaurant during the height of the pandemic. Silencer Central, however, has simplified the process. The company assists buyers with the forms and delivers product to customers in the 42 states where using a suppressor is legal. E-form approval by the government will have a suppressor in your hands in approximately 90 days after submission. In addition to walking you through the process of buying and owning a suppressor, the company offers a complete line of suppressors for nearly every popular firearm. They even can thread the barrel of your heirloom firearm. Check them out at — Mark Kayser


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