Nighttime Optics for Predator Hunting

Predator hunters who work the graveyard shift can rely on these top-shelf thermal and IR optics to turn night into day.

Nighttime Optics for Predator Hunting

Coyotes often hunt at night to avoid human encounters — especially true east of the big river, where high human population densities are the norm. And in many regions of the South and the Southwest, temperatures can be blistering hot during the day and prowling during the relatively cool hours of the night — when prey species are more active — is more of a necessity than an option. Bobcats, foxes and raccoons, by their very nature, prefer working the night shift — their large nocturnal eyes able to gather enough available light to navigate the landscape and seek out prey in the dark. But what all these critters have in common is that they become emboldened at night, gaining confidence under a cloak of darkness — those reluctant to come to the call during the day exhibiting their brave alter ego at night. That’s why savvy predator hunters set their alarms for the wee hours of the morning, to take advantage of this behavioral trait. And, thankfully, they can engage these nighttime prowlers on an even playing field by using the latest and greatest thermal and IR optics. Here’s an assortment of products designed to help them take back the night.


AGM Rattler TS35-640 Thermal Imaging Riflescope

The AGM Global Vision Rattler TS35-640 is a compact thermal imaging optic developed for 24-hour operation — its 35mm objective lens designed for medium-range shooting. It has a 640x512b 12μm thermal detector and 1024x768 OLED monitor that provide clear images in the worst weather and environmental conditions. Hunters can use this device as a thermal riflescope or handheld monocular. Powered by two CR123 batteries, the AGM Rattler provides up to 4.5 hours of continuous operation time. An external 5V battery pack can be easily connected via a USB input for a significant increase in operating time and an onboard Wi-Fi module for live video streaming and video/images recording via an application is also available. 

MSRP: $4,194


ATN ThOR 4 384 4.5-18X Thermal Scope

The ThOR 4 4.5-18X thermal riflescope from ATN is built from a hardened aluminum alloy with impact resistant electronics, designed to withstand the recoil of high-caliber firearms. ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core T technology is the backbone of the ATN ThOR 4. The robust Gen 4 thermal sensor controls what the shooter can do and see with enhanced resolution. Incorporating a dual-core processor gives users a more enhanced experience, able to live stream via WiFi to a mobile device and record in the scope at the same time without lag or loss of performance. And sighting-in the ThOR 4 has never been easier with its one-shot zero feature. Just take a shot, adjust the reticle and go hunting. 

MSRP: $3,199


Bering Optics Super Yoter R Thermal Scope

The Super Yoter R 3-12x50mm compact thermal scope from Bering Optics features advanced 12µm vanadium oxide (VOx) 640x480 core resolution with a 50Hz refresh rate that makes it a great choice for predator hunting at medium- and long-range distances. This Wi-Fi capable thermal scope has an optical magnification of 3X and digital zoom of 2X, 3X, 4X and features a reliable low-profile Quick-Detach LaRue Tactical lockable mount. Available are eight reticle patterns including three BDC reticles, along with four color options for each reticle pattern. A unique adjustable stadiametric rangefinder can be set to the height of animals, increasing the overall usefulness of this feature. 

MAP: $4,595


Black Diamond TH-38L Thermal Riflescope

The next generation of 384x288 thermal imaging devices from Black Diamond Optics is here. The TH-38L thermal riflescope features 1024x768 high-resolution image quality, germanium glass and 10 optional color palettes on its HD OLED display. With a detection reach out to 2,000 yards, it features sharp imagery while being able to range targets out to 1,100 yards. External video features PAL WiFi and 32GB of internal storage. Its 50mm objective lens harnesses a wide field of view and zoom capabilities of 2X/4X/10X/PIP. The TH-38L thermal riflescope weighs in at only 22 ounces. 

MSRP: $5,500


iRayUSA Cabin CBL19 Monocular

The Cabin CBL19 384 thermal imaging monocular from iRayUSA, a compact and powerful optic that operates easily with one hand, features a 50Hz Micro II sensor for an unmatched viewing experience on its HD display. Features include a quick focus lens, stadiametric rangefinder, image and video capture, wireless connectivity and built-in LED flashlight. It also has an intuitive in-line button design, red laser pointer and two selectable display tones. The CBL19 also features a 19mm objective lens with a 2X magnification and outstanding detection range of 1,070 yards. It comes with a five-year warranty, with a one-week turnaround process. 

MSRP: $1,799


Knights Vision UNS-SR Clip-on Sight

The Knights Vision USN-SR (Short Range) clip-on sight was designed for night-time target acquisition out to 500 yards. Its light weight and short length make it the optimal accessory for mid-sized AR-platform rifles with limited rail space and a front sight. The UNS-SR is ideal for use with dedicated short-range optics such as the Trijicon ACOG series and most 8X or less tactical day scopes and is short enough to fit in-between the ACOG and a dedicated front sight, attached to a Picatinny rail. These units are manufactured with Gen III Elbit or L3 green phosphor, Min 1600 FOM image tubes and include a full one-year warranty. 

MSRP: $6,000


Night Owl Optics NightShot Riflescope

Night Owl Optic’s NightShot is a user friendly 3X magnification night-vision riflescope that’s built tough to withstand the recoil of non-magnum .30-caliber rifles and lower. It is designed for operation in a wide variety of weather conditions at a price point that offers a low-cost solution for nighttime shooting needs. With a range of 100 yards in typical nighttime environments, the NightShot features a 640x480 high-resolution display with windage and elevation adjustments of ¼-inch at 50 yards. Eye relief is 2.7 inches and field of view is 5.6 degrees. It has a built-in infrared illuminator, and a detachable high-power IR illuminator is available separately. The NightShot mounts on Weaver and Picatinny rail systems. 

MSRP: $449


N-Vision Optics HALO-XRF Thermal Scope

N-Vision Optics’ HALO-XRF thermal scope combines a state-of-the-art BAE thermal imaging core with an integrated laser rangefinder, onboard video recording and WiFi connectivity. With built-in video and audio recording, the HALO-XRF eliminates the need for external recorders. Pixel accurate 60Hz videos are internally captured and stored for later transfer to the user’s PC via a USB connection. Its streaming feature permits the user to stream videos over the WiFi connection and broadcast in real time. The HALO-XRF is designed and built in the USA and features a 50mm F1.1 germanium objective lens and eight reticle options.

MSRP: $9,495


Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro Riflescope

Pulsar’s Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro is a potent thermal imaging riflescope that combines a classic, sleek design with a built-in laser rangefinder. Its powerful 640x480 microbolometer resolution detects heat signatures up to 2,000 yards away and displays them on a crisp 1024x768 AMOLED screen. With 10 hours of battery life, this thermal riflescope boasts high-precision, ambidextrous lens focusing and a variable magnification of 2-16X. The included laser rangefinder has a range of up to 875 yards. The Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro features built-in photo and video recording and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a IPX7 waterproof rating and 10 reticle shapes in nine color modes, Picture-in-Picture mode and five unique shooting profiles. 

MSRP: $6,599.99


Sightmark Wraith 4K Monocular

Sightmark’s Wraith 4K monocular is an optic with multi-mounting versatility. Evolved from the Wraith 4K Mini, this helmet-, handheld- or rifle-mounted optic provides users with a digital night-vision option that is technologically advanced and potentially hands-free. With a 1-8X digital zoom, video recording capabilities and a sleek polymer housing, this optic’s auto-adjusting, integrated IR light is ideal for various environmental conditions, and its easy mounting and dismounting make the Wraith 4K monocular a must-have for predator hunters who work the night shift. The package includes two CR123A batteries, flip caps, eye cups, bridge mount, user manual and USB cable. 

MSRP: $839.99


Steiner C35 Nighthunter Thermal Clip-On

Transform any traditional optic into a thermal riflescope at a moment’s notice or scan a field for heat signatures as a handheld monocular with the Steiner C35 Nighthunter Thermal Clip-on, powered by Quantum Vision — a perfect combination of a state-of-the-art thermal sensor, display quality and proprietary software. Quantum Vision technology, together with outstanding usability, handling and legendary ruggedness, deliver exceptional performance on the darkest of nights with crisp, clear images. Record videos or take photos at the push of a button with 16GB of internal storage or stream and record directly to a mobile device using the Steiner Connect app. 

MSRP: $5,999.99

Zeiss DTI 3/25 Thermal Imaging Camera

The DTI 3/25 thermal imaging camera from Zeiss features an ergonomic design and high-resolution HD LCOS display that delivers detailed images, even in the most difficult lighting conditions — developed by hunting experts specifically for use at night. The DTI 3/25 features an enlarged field of view of 26 meters at 100 meters for an excellent overview and thus a decisive advantage when hunting in wooded areas or at bait sites at night. Its ergonomic design and the intelligent arrangement of the control buttons make the device exceptionally easy to use and its operation is extremely intuitive. The high-resolution HD LCOS display combined with 0.5X zoom increments deliver detailed images for accurate identification. 

MSRP: Emailed Jen


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