Great Gear: Federal Premium ELD-X Hunting Ammunition

Federal Ammunition has expanded its line of Premium hunting loads to include Hornady ELD-X offerings.

Great Gear: Federal Premium ELD-X Hunting Ammunition

Federal Premium ELD-X Hunting Ammunition.

Federal Ammunition now offers Hornady ELD-X hunting bullets in 10 centerfire cartridge options from .243 Win. to .300 Win. Mag. The match-accurate, hard-hitting ELD-X hunting bullet has an extremely high-ballistic coefficient in a design that provides effective expansion at a wide range of velocities. It has a unique polymer tip that resists deformation to achieve consistent ballistics and initiate extreme-range expansion and also touts an aerodynamic secant ogive and optimized boat-tail, plus a concentric copper jacket with robust shank. The load also features specially formulated propellant and nickel-plated brass. MSRP: $52.99-82.99/Box of 20. Contact:


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