Gear Roundup: Suppressors for Predator Hunting

Protect your hearing with suppressors that turn a mighty roar into a muffled snarl.

Gear Roundup: Suppressors for Predator Hunting

Guns are loud, OK? And hunters who are exposed to gunfire for any length of time stand a pretty good chance of suffering permanent hearing loss. While one solution is to wear hearing protection such as earmuffs or foam plugs, another is to tame the beast — and that means reducing the report of the firearm at the source of the offending sound. Suppressors do just that by decreasing the acoustic intensity and recoil of the shot by modulating the speed and pressure of the propellant gas from the muzzle and suppressing the muzzle blast — anywhere from around 23 to 36 dB sound reduction depending on the type of suppressor. And then there’s discretion — times when and places where hunters wish to leave a less pronounced auditory footprint. Suppressors turn a mighty roar into a muffled snarl. Many rifles today come factory threaded for adding muzzle brakes or suppressors, which can be easily attached. Others are available with the suppressor an integral part of the barrel. And BTW, it’s important to note that while using a suppressor can reduce damaging sound levels, it might not lower them to hearing-safe levels. This means that to effectively protect your hearing, it is important to always wear proper hearing protection devices, even when shooting firearms equipped with suppressors. Here are a handful of suppressors that will help you keep your hearing while operating in stealth mode.


Daniel SoundGuard SG-556

Daniel SoundGuard suppressors are proof positive that less truly can be more. The SG-556 (.223 Rem./5.56mm) is a hard use, well-balanced suppressor powered by KGM technology that significantly reduces impulse noise levels, allowing shooters to perform at the highest levels while protecting against hearing loss. A patented baffle stack and proprietary material coating of internal parts reduces flash signature to virtually zero, while its cutting-edge gas-flow design eliminates over-gassing and decreases toxic gasses directed at the shooter — all with minimum point-of-impact shift. The Daniel SoundGuard suppressor is also available in a .30-caliber hard use and titanium option, and like the SG-556, features 1.375-24 TPI with direct-thread adapters.



Dead Air Silencers Sierra-5 Keymo

Dead Air Silencers’ Sierra-5 Keymo 5.56 suppressor boasts minimal weight and a small footprint, while remaining extremely tough and modular. It is compatible with Dead Air’s R-Series front caps and is also HUB compatible, making mounting options nearly inexhaustible. Featuring Stellite baffles and a stainless-steel tube, this full-auto-rated silencer is made from proven materials best-suited for heavy sustained firing schedules. This also means there are no barrel length restrictions. It has a caliber rating of 5.56mm/.223 Rem./.224 Valkyrie and an energy rating of 2,200+ foot-pounds. Length is 6.27 inches with the KeyMo adapter, and it weighs 15.4 ounces (with the KeyMo adapter). Includes: KeyMo adapter, KeyMo 1/2-28 flash hider and TL tool pack.

MSRP: $929


Elite Iron .375-Caliber Asset

Elite Iron’s modular-design Asset suppressor is available in .375-caliber — with titanium, aluminum and 4140 heat-treated steel materials for rugged, lightweight construction and interchangeable direct thread mounts that allow modularity from .300 Norma to .375 Cheytac Mag. The Asset improves long-range accuracy by controlling gas flow and comes with four different configurations. Its internal design allows for less uneven pressure on the base and body of the projectile resulting in less disruption of bullet flight. The first stage can be used with the castle nut when a compact size is more favorable. For maximum suppression and flight control using both stages with the muzzle brake is recommended. Included is a first- and second-stage suppressor, castle nut, muzzle brake and two disassembly tools. MSRP: $1,795


Rugged Suppressors Alaskan360

With the Alaskan360, Rugged Suppressors offers an adaptable, lightweight, multi-caliber suppressor that can handle hard days on the range, back country adventures and anything in-between. The Alaskan360 provides outstanding flexibility — rated for pistols and sub-guns up to 9mm and rifles up to .338 Lapua. Following the Rugged tradition, it is durable and built for a lifetime of use. This is the first suppressor to use the Rugged Universal Mount, or R.U.M., which offers back-end modularity by allowing the Alaskan360 to work with all Rugged rifle mounts, as well as industry-standard mounts. This mount is built from U.S. Grade 5 titanium and when combined with the Alaskan360, the suppressor weighs only 11.8 ounces.

MSRP: $1,099


Sig Sauer SLX Suppressors

Sig Sauer’s new SLX series of suppressors was developed to meet the demands of the U.S. military — designed to deliver cutting-edge performance. The SLX features the new Clutch-Lok QD mounting system, which is easy to use, repeatable and extremely durable. The internal multi-flow path within the suppressor allows gasses to exhaust at a faster rate than traditional baffle-style suppressors. This results in 70 to 80 percent fewer toxic fumes flowing back through the ejection port into the shooter’s face. The SLX series is a performance-based suppressor designed for use with supersonic ammunition and ideal for users focused on flash reduction and lower toxic fumes.

MSRP: As low as $1,149.99


Silencer Central Banish BackCountry

The Banish BackCountry centerfire rifle suppressor from Silencer Central was specifically designed for hunting and is rated up to .300 Win. Mag. with unmatched sound reduction of 138 dB. It features a HUB 1.375-24 TPI universal mount, optional direct thread mount sizes and 100 percent high-quality titanium construction, including the mounts. The fully welded Banish BackCountry is 5.7 inches long, has a 1.6-inch diameter and weighs just 8.4 ounces without the mount/9.4 ounces with the direct thread mount. MSRP: $1,099


SilencerCo Osprey 2.0

SilencerCo’s new version of its iconic Osprey 9 suppressor, the Osprey 2.0, has the addition of one very important feature — a button that enhances the user experience and makes this suppressor easier to use. The 9mm Osprey 2.0 uses a single button to properly index to a host firearm. This makes the Osprey more robust and more reliable and allows for a quick and secure alignment. It also makes the suppressor more repeatable, meaning the shooter will be able to consistently put it in the same position on every firearm. Aside from the magic button, everything else about the Osprey 2.0 is essentially the same as the original. It still has the same impressive sound signature and eccentric design to accommodate standard pistol sights.

MSRP: $840


Texas Silencer Company Hunter .308 Win.

Easy to use, easy to afford and tough to break, the Hunter silencer from Texas Silencer Company was built from the ground up to specifically serve the needs of the American hunter and precision shooter. It has been carefully designed and CNC-machined to a degree of precision that exceeds aerospace industry levels to tighten groups, reduce recoil and increase the velocity of any rifle it is attached to. It weighs 25 ounces and produces 131 dB at the shooter’s ear with 168-grain .308 Win. ammunition. It is compatible with .223 Rem. to .300 Win Mag. calibers and is rated for fully automatic rifle fire. Machined from a single bar of heat-treated 17-4 hardened stainless steel, it sports a high-temp Cerakote finish. MSRP: NA.


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