You Need This For Nasty Coyotes and Hogs

Coyotes and feral pigs are nasty, often covered with fleas and ticks, and who wants to deal with all that? One easy solution for transport after you've popped a predator is the Coyote Bag from Slay Bag.

You Need This For Nasty Coyotes and Hogs

The Coyote Bag from Slay Bag, along with the Deer Bag, helps hunters easily haul out game while protecting hides for taxidermy work. (Photo: Slay Bag)

Coyotes and feral pigs are nasty, often covered with fleas and ticks, and who wants to deal with all that?

During a hunt in Texas in spring 2018 with Bushnell and Savage, we killed a couple of hairless coyotes trotting around with mange. They weren't completely hairless, like one of those weird cats, but they were close. Pretty disgusting, too. I'm glad I wear gloves in Texas because otherwise I wouldn't have touched the mangy yote.

I also dropped a nice feral hog that we took back to the camp to cut up for the Camp Chef smoker. It was in that in-between weight range that, when skinned and cut up, should've provided some tasty meat. Instead, once the knife cut through the skin at the breastbone the torso emitted a foul aroma. Something inside was infected, enough to make a couple of us gag a bit. With plenty of other hogs running around the property, it was a no-brainer to discard the entire thing.

Additionally, that hog and others were studded with cactus spines broken off in their nasty legs. Hogs don't discriminate when it comes to eating anything, including prickly pear or anything nesting in them. Hogs aren't worried about rubbing up against a prickly pear, barrel cactus or cholla, either. So, grabbing a leg and getting spined isn't fun.

One easy solution to transporting coyotes, hogs or other predators is a Coyote Bag from Slay Bag. It weighs just 2 pounds and is big enough to carry two average size coyotes. The 2-inch adjustable strap allows for hands free, cross-body pulling or dragging by hand.

After loading the bag, toss the strap over your shoulders and start walking. It has a rugged exterior that will take on rough terrain with ease. The Coyote Bag features a Velcro hook-and-hoop closure at the top, as well as another one down the full center line, to create two separate compartments. Open it up, load it up and take off.

If you have a trophy coyote, wolf, hog or other predator you want to have mounted, the Slay Bag protects the hide for better taxidermy work, too. Or, if you need a clean spot to change clothes and boots, the Slay Bag can double as a quick tarp in muddy or wet conditions. Shuck the wet or muddy boots and clothes, change into new ones, close up the dirty stuff in the Slay Bag and head home. No mess in the vehicle to deal with and the bag rinses out easily.

The bag is available in gray, green and black and has an MSRP of $79.99.


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