Spice Up Your Hog Baits

Here’s how to make corn even more appealing.

Spice Up Your Hog Baits

Wild hogs can't resist corn. Mixing it with aromatic products makes it even more appealing.

Shelled corn is the universal bait for nearly any game animal — where legal of course — and especially for wild hogs. But it is possible to give your corn some extra punch, a longer reach on big properties or when hunting time is short. 

To make plain whole corn more appealing I regularly mix it with aromatic products that give it more reach. Those I have experience with include Big&J Pigs-Dig-It granular and Evolved’s Hog Wild. Many products targeted at deer or bears that include sweet-smelling ingredients are also hugely appealing to hogs. Look for products including beets or apples or even peanut butter or “jam” formulas. 

In liquid form these attractants make it easy to spice up plain corn. Simply place corn in 5-gallon buckets, pouring the aromatic formulas over it, snapping on the lid and allowing it to soak. Big&J Hogs Hammer It liquid or Evolved Hog Wild Pig Punch and Pig Out are great examples. Or, you can go in the opposite direction, making corn smell appalling instead of appealing. One recipe I have found effective is to start with a 5-gallon bucket of shelled corn, add one can of cheap beer and top with water. Snap the lid on and leave it in the sun a few days, or in a heated garage for a week. This will turn the corn sour and create a big stink that hogs truly relish. I place these baits at creek beds and other hog crossings to attract instant attention, hogs taking up your corn circuit trails from there.


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