Feral Pigs Getting More Attention in Canada

Officials with Animal Health Canada are assisting with a strategy to fight feral pigs expanding their range from Saskatchewan into nearby Manitoba.

Feral Pigs Getting More Attention in Canada

Canada officials hope to prevent feral hogs from expanding their range from Saskatchewan into Manitoba. Photo: iStock/xalanx

Feral pigs have been sighted in Saskatchewan for about 20 years. Along with their impacts on agricultural crops, the threat persists of passing diseases to domestic pigs. Officials are working to further identify areas of concern, establish a strategy, educate the public and work to carry out the plan, if needed, along with securing funding. 

“Wild pigs are a clear example of a One Health issue, affecting animal, human and environmental health,” said Animal Health Canada in a news release. “Wild pigs cause significant damage to natural ecosystems and agricultural land; they carry diseases that are infectious to wildlife, domestic animals and people; and their presence in urban settings can lead to human injuries (motor vehicle accidents and attacks).” 

Similar to the United States, there is no known population number of pigs in Canada. They are found in the four western provinces: of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. Officials believe extensive trapping could be the best way to impact the feral pig populations.


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