Rugged Micro30 Suppressor Review

Modularity is all the rage these days and the Rugged Micro30 suppressor won’t let you down. Here's our latest suppressor review.
Rugged Micro30 Suppressor Review

Like its name implies, the Rugged Micro30 is a well-built and tough suppressor. While being constructed entirely of 17-4PH stainless steel, the Micro30 only weighs 15.1 ounces in its full configuration and 11.8 ounces in the short configuration. The 1½-inch diameter suppressor is belt-fed rated, so you can shoot this can all day long without worry.

The user-friendly aspect of the Micro30 is its modular design. For full suppression, the shooter can run the Micro30 at 6½ inches long. When looking to run the Micro30 shorter, remove the ADAPT Module for a micro setup that measures 5 inches long, but still offers sub-140 dB sound reduction on a .308. While running in the micro configuration, the Micro30 is the shortest .30-caliber can available.

The The Micro30 features a Dual-Taper Lock mounting system that securely holds the suppressor onto the firearm of choice. I reviewed the Micro30 on a 300 BLK rifle. I found it offered excellent suppression when shooting 220-grain sub-sonic Federal American Eagle rounds. I did notice first round pop with this can, but each shot after was considerably quieter. Rugged claims at-ear sound levels of 122.6 dB when shooting 300 BLK in the full configuration and 132.7 dB in the micro configuration. You can expect 135.7 dB levels with a .308 Win. in the full configuration and 138.7 dB in the micro.

Rugged suppressors really are rugged, too. The baffles in the Micro30 are constructed of Stellite. Stellite contains cobalt and chromium, which have high melting temps. This help extends the life of the baffle stack and cut down on baffle erosion, which happens with each blast through the suppressor.

The Micro30 suppressor comes with a 7.62 R3 Flash Hider with 5/8x24 thread pitch, 7.62 front cap, ADAPT Module and end-cap tool. You can also purchase an optional 5.56 front cap for better sound suppression when using on a 5.56/.223 rifle. The Micro30 is rated all the way up to the .300 RUM and has no restrictions on barrel length. This work-horse suppressor has an MSRP of $1,049, but Silencer Shop sells it for $763.


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