Product Profile: Muzzy Products

The new compact MX-3 series broadheads mean more success for both compound and crossbow hunters alike.
Product Profile: Muzzy Products

muzzy broadhead“It’s interesting, the Muzzy story, and it all started in 1984 with John Musacchia Sr., our founding father and a member of the Bowhunting Hall of Fame,” said Fred Settles, Muzzy’s chief operating officer. “After John retired from a successful restaurant business at the age of 65 years old, he decided it was time to pursue a dream that evolved after a particularly intense African bowhunt for Cape buffalo in the 1970s.”

John Sr. had meticulously picked and prepared his equipment before the hunt, but disaster struck soon after he let his first arrow fly. “John’s shot was true, but the broadhead had a penetration problem. And that was certainly not the time to have a less-than-dependable broadhead on the end of your arrow,” Settles recalled. “[John Sr.] shot again, and the buffalo remained on his feet.” Full of fury, the buffalo charged at John, and he grabbed a rifle and downed the animal just in time. Before he left Africa, the still-shaken John began thinking about how to design a better broadhead.

“Several years later, John developed the right-angle, locking-blade base that would eventually define the Muzzy broadhead line,” Settles explained. “The one-of-a-kind locking-blade system made it so our broadhead reinforced the ferrule, creating an almost solid interior column of stainless steel. John then added another incredible design element—the extended trocar-shaped tip.”

John first introduced the blade-locking system and Trocar Tip to the public in 1984. “It was an instant hit among bowhunters. He then decided to produce and market the broadheads himself with the help of his daughter Michele Musacchia-Eichler, and son Johnny Musacchia. The company grew slowly but surely, and by 1988 Michele and Johnny had basically taken over the operations and John moved into an oversight role. Unfortunately, John Sr. passed away in 1996 after a long battle with cancer,” Settles sadly recounted.

Of the company’s necessary evolution, Fred said, “Barbara Musacchia, John Sr.’s long-time devoted wife, became the owner of Muzzy Products, and Michele took over as CEO of Muzzy Products Corporation. Michelle ensured that Muzzy upheld the principles instilled by her father, such as working hard, persevering, constantly improving and treating people fairly. In 2004, the Muzzy team grew with my coming on board as Chief Operating Office and Karen Patton coming on board as Chief Financial Officer.”

Over the years, the basic Muzzy broadhead design has stood the test of time and for many has set the standard for broadhead reliability. In addition to broadheads, Muzzy has a host of offerings with the same great quality. “We have increased our lines to include additional broadhead designs, arrow rests, scent products, and bowfishing gear as well.”

MX Series Broadheads

Recently, Muzzy introduced new variations, such as the MX series specifically the MX-4, MX-3 and Phantom MX. The new MX series comprises compact broadheads that retain generous cutting diameters and the dependable strength synonymous with the Muzzy name.

“After the success of our MX-4, a 100-grain, four-blade compact model, we decided to come out with MX-4s brother, the MX-3,” Settles continued. “The design is similar to our standard Muzzy, only more compact and the blades are actually .005-inch thicker.

“The success of the MX-3 has led to a swell of customer requests for a 125- and a 75-grain version,” Settles explained “We designed the 125-grain version first. Starting with a compact design, we settled on a 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter and the thicker .025-inch blade with a stainless steel ferrule. To reduce the weight for the 75-grain MX-3, we started with the exact same design as the 125-grain, but used an aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule to drop the weight. The new MX-3s have been quite a hit, especially the 125-grain model. We designed the 125-grain model with bowhunters in mind, but the crossbow community has really embraced it.”

Beyond Broadheads

Settles is proud of the company’s scent line: “We are enjoying success with Bowhunter Set-up, Super Odor Eliminator, and our latest edition, Smokin’ Predators—all of which are marketed under the Scrape Juice banner.”

Another item topping the charts at Muzzy has been the Xtreme Duty Spincast Style Bowfishing Kit. “The kit has been a good seller for us across the board, but it really strikes a chord with those new to bowfishing,” Settles said. “It takes all of the guesswork out and gives [the customer] everything he needs, including a spincast reel, Fish Hook Rest, line, heavy-duty reel seat, and Classic Fish Arrow with Muzzy’s Carp Point.”

Gator fishing is also gaining popularity, and Muzzy has a kit complete with a Pro Gator Reel, 600-pound Gator Cord, three Gator Getter Arrows, and two Big Game Floats. “Beyond our kits, we have a bunch of other great bowfishing and gator-hunting accessories. For instance, take our Muzzy Gator Strobe. This LED light can be attached to the Big Game Float and is water activated. Best of all, you can see it from a full mile away.

“We have an old-fashioned appreciation for hard work and integrity, with an eye toward the future,” Settles said. “At Muzzy, we continue to produce superior products that enhance the hunter’s chance for success. Today, 27 years since Muzzy’s beginning, we are proud that Muzzy is a bowhunting household name, and its broadheads have become legendary for its ‘Bad to the Bone’ dependability and true flight.”

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