Plinking for predator practice

It’s great practice that’s economical, yet hones your shooting skills for offhand encounters that nobody can imagine.

Plinking for predator practice

When’s the last time you went out with a .22 LR and just had fun plinking? You know the type of firearm fun I’m talking about. Go out to the pasture or to the range and shoot at silhouette targets, spinner targets and even tin cans. Some of you plink and others, like me, forget that plinking with a .22 LR or a .17 Hornet is pure fun. You know what else it is? It’s great practice that’s economical, yet hones your shooting skills for offhand encounters that nobody can imagine.

I’m writing this blog from the ultimate shooting range in America, the National Rifle Association Whittington Center ( in Raton, New Mexico. This facility sits in the remote canyon lands of the Rocky Mountain foothills and provides shooting ranges for any type of discipline you can imagine. I’m here escorting my son Cole after he won a trip to the center for a top point getter in the Wyoming State 4-H Shooting Sports Competition (

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He was instructed to bring lots of ammunition and lots of firearms. With a bit of help from Hornady (, Nikon ( and Thompson Center (, we were on our way. The bulk of his ammunition stockpile consisted of .22 LR, but he also padded his Rubbermaid container with lots of .223 Remington and .30 TC.

So far every range and every squeeze of the trigger has been an adventure. I’ve been slamming the primer from time to time, but mostly I’m spotting for him to look for dust or confirm the thud of metal. Despite the variety of ranges at this great facility the one thing we look forward to every evening is going to the hunter pistol range for plinking fun.

I really can’t remember the last time I simply picked up a rifle and shot offhand, sitting, prone and a variety of other positions. As I get busier and busier with family and my career it seems as if my shooting time decreases to the point where I barely have time to hit the bench, sight in and then hit the field.

Don’t let this happen to you. Look into the purchase of several fun targets including silhouettes or spinners and practice plinking. As I said it it’s cheap and offers some of the best practice next to an actual hunt. That’s enough writing for now. It’s beginning to eat into my plinking time and I still have a day left at the Whittington Center in New Mexico.

Check out some great reactive targets with videos at


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