Company Profile: Trophy Ridge

New lighted quiver, and ground-breaking Cypher Series sights, prove great innovators never rest.
Company Profile: Trophy Ridge

Looking to increase its offerings, back in 2006 Bear Archery acquired Carolina Archery Products to obtain the rights to the legendary Whisker Biscuit arrow rest. Then, about one year later, Bear Archery purchased sights and accessories specialist Trophy Ridge and moved the Whisker Biscuit under its banner. “Today we have two points of focus: A bow company—Bear Archery—and an accessory company: Trophy Ridge. What you knew of Trophy Ridge prior to 2007 is basically gone. It has been completely updated, renovated, and improved,” said Jason Pickerill, marketing manager for Trophy Ridge.

“We went through the entire line of products and selected only the best products, with great popularity and great function—then we made them 10 times better and more marketable. To do this, we used four main criteria—design, innovation, marketing, and pricing structure,” Pickerill explained.

Beacon Lighted Quiver

About four years ago at a sales meeting, one of the representatives in attendance suggested integrating a light into the hood of a bow quiver. “We were like, ‘Oh yeah, thanks for the idea. That’s wonderful.’ —We were almost laughing about it really,” remembered Pickerill. “Then, the following year, the sales rep brought it up again and pretty much received the same response. However, shortly after the meeting we did start to think about it and decided it really was a great idea, so we kicked it over to the design team.”

The design team saw immediate potential in the idea and made the suggestion to incorporate the lights into Trophy Ridge’s Ballistix CoPolymer System. “One of the first criteria for any product we release to the market is to make sure it is a product that we would, and have, put on our personal bow,” Pickerill related. “So, when we looked at the characteristics of the Beacon we knew it had to be versatile, and adjustable with a quick, easy to use, reliable clamping system. Once that was achieved, we looked at ways to incorporate the lighting system.

“A light on the quiver to help you get in and out of the woods was really a ‘no-brainer.’ Holding your bow, a flashlight, gear, moving limbs and brush out of the way—it all added up to more function and one less item to wrestle,” Pickerill stated. The Beacon Quiver has three green LEDs housed on the top of the hood and one inside the hood pointing down.

“We upped the ante with the incorporation of a light under the hood of the quiver. At the end of a day’s hunt, after legal shooting light when it is time to pack up and go home, odds are you don’t have a flashlight or head lamp out and handy. With the Beacon, all you have to do is reach up and hit a button. This allows you to load your arrow(s) back into the quiver—quietly and efficiently—so you can get on your way,” explained Pickerill.

Ballistix CoPolymer System

Trophy Ridge’s Ballistix CoPolymer technology has a texture and aesthetic feel all of its own. “Our Ballistix CoPolymer is a proprietary material that has the strength of aluminum, but weighs about 25 percent less. Beyond the aesthetic feel, the Ballistix coating delivers added vibration reduction for a smoother shooting experience,” Pickerill related.

“One of the great things about Trophy Ridge that really sets us apart from most of the competition is the fact that we are very selective about when and how we bring a product to market. Trophy Ridge isn’t interested in making a small change or offering a product in a new color just so we can put it in the catalog and call it ‘new.’

“Unless it is an absolute benefit to that product or consumer, we are not going to make a change,” Pickerill said. “A great example is our vertical inline pin sights, the Alpha Series. We launched them in 2009 and have not made a change since—and we are not going to until we can come out with something that is a great benefit and makes it significantly better.”

Cypher Series Sights

“The Cypher Series of bow sights is another perfect example. Our Cypher sights also use the Ballistix CoPolymer technology. Ballistix CoPolymer isn’t carbon, plastic, or fiberglass; it’s exactly what we call it—a copolymer. It is very similar to the material used in many assault rifles or Glock pistols. The coating is very soft, with a feel resembling velvet, almost rubbery.

“The Cypher Series are available in black or Realtree APG camo; three-, five-, or seven-pin configurations; with or without micro adjust and carries a MAP price of $79 to $109. Of course all models also feature tool-less windage and elevation adjustments. We also stayed true with the inclusion of metal pins we use on all of our sights, which increases durability and ruggedness.

“Another great feature is the fiber-ring technology which draws in virtually all available light to the fibers to make the pins as bright as you’ll see anywhere. The versatility of the Cypher Series is also unmatched. It has four sets of mounting holes and is reversible. That way, regardless of whether you have a high or low anchor point, the Cypher has the adjustability to maximize your setup,” Pickerill concluded.

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