UPDATE: Taurus Settlement Could Include Nearly 1M Pistols

The agreement calls for Taurus to give a cash payment of up to $200, repair the pistol or train gun owners how to avoid the alleged safety flaws that cause pistols to discharge when dropped or when the manual safety is on.
UPDATE: Taurus Settlement Could Include Nearly 1M Pistols

Lawyer says settlement could be approved 'any day now'

An attorney close to a class action lawsuit alleging safety flaws in some Taurus pistols tells Grand View Outdoors the settlement agreement could impact as many as 965,000 handguns in nine different models.

The lawyer — who has represented several clients in personal injury cases against Taurus — said the settlement includes a requirement that Taurus provide training to owners of the nine pistol models specified in the class action lawsuit on how to avoid unintended discharges.

"Our concern is that you're not going to have 965,000 guns sent back," the attorney said on condition of anonymity since the settlement hasn't been approved by a judge. "So we want them to be able to see how to properly store the pistol so this won't happen."

The attorney confirmed the training was jointly developed by Taurus and plaintiff's lawyers and includes never carrying the pistols with a round in the chamber unless the shooter is at the range. The training will be delivered via video and in written form to anyone who requests it, he added.

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Taurus denies the allegations of safety flaws.

The settlement calls for owners of the nine pistol models to send in their handguns for a cash payout of up to $200, have the pistol repaired at Taurus' expense, or take the training. The lawyer said his clients were concerned gun owners wouldn't want to send in their pistols for a fix, nor would they want a $200 refund for a pistol that might have cost double that to buy new.

The settlement has a cap of $30 million in cash payouts for gun owners who opt for the refund.

The lawyer says the judge in the case is set to approve the settlement "any day now," adding once the judge gives his stamp of approval, Taurus will advertise the different settlement options for gun owners online, in print and on television.

The pistol models covered in the settlement include the PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT-609; PT-640 and PT-24/7. Taurus says its G2 models are not a part of this class action suit.



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