SilencerCo Imagines Pistol Icons With Maxim 9 Handgun

Top suppressor manufacturer superimposes some of film's most famous pistoleros with the most modern-looking handgun out there.

SilencerCo Imagines Pistol Icons With Maxim 9 Handgun

It would be kinda tough to find a suppressor company knocking the cool factor out of the park as often as SilencerCo, and the company's latest marketing release just keeps putting points on the board.

Wrapping its arms around hipster artists, motocross athletes and popular DJs in its previous videos, SilencerCo's latest online ad gives iconic tough guys a new, more silent twist.

Think Dirty Harry with a high-tech integrally suppressed pistol. And hey, most writers called the new MAXIM 9 a "Robo Cop" gun, so why not just give him one?

SilencerCo is definitely setting itself apart from the competition by appealing to the millennial shooter -- one who might just be newish to guns and is therefore more open to the idea of running them with cans right out of the box. It's an ambitious strategy that the revamped Playboy magazine just did an expose on, and one that your's truly is indeed intrigued by.

Whatever's going on and however it works, there's no doubt SilencerCo has made a ton of cash on suppressors and keeps pushing the boundaries of what makes the shooting sports cool.




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