Knife Talk: Quality Knives And Sharpeners

Other than your firearm, a knife is one of the most important tools a predator hunter uses, especially if collecting furs. Here are some tips on quality knives and sharpeners.
Knife Talk: Quality Knives And Sharpeners

What’s your knife worth to you? For me, it depends on the job, length of the job and how sharp it is. For predator hunters a sharp knife is a must, especially if you deal with furs on a day-to-day basis. With fur season slipping up on you, knife considerations should be a top consideration. Lately, I’ve been keeping my knives razor sharp. For years I struggled with keeping knives sharp mainly because I used them more like a screwdriver than a knife. Today, I’ve replaced my old knives with quality products and updated my sharpening gear as well.

For knives, I’m sold on the great models and varieties from Columbia River Knife and Tool. I'm also a fan of Outdoor Edge products, especially for butchering deer. Check them out and compare the new models to what you have in your inventory or head to your nearby Cabela’s or local sporting goods store. Companies now have dozens of models to choose from including those to fit hunting, fishing, military and culinary adventures. The best aspect of companies like CRKT is the quality of the material, plus their use of custom knife makers to put a personal character on various blades. Of course quality material helps you out when putting the best edge possible on a knife.

Now, shop for a quality sharpener. For the best edge I’ve given up on the cheap sharpeners and handheld tools. I rely on sharpeners like the Wicked Edge for the best possible edge on my hunting knives. You know you have a sharp knife when you can get through an entire elk with one knife and the Wicked Edge allows me to put the perfect edge on my knife to handle everything from predators to big-game jobs.

Lastly, consider your knife as more than just a tool. Consider it a protective measure. Any more I carry a knife everywhere. It’s nearly impossible to carry a concealed handgun for safety with all the personal property rules, not to mention state requirements. A knife allows me to still have some peace of mind along with a tool that’s ready for any job. Compare your old knife with some newer models and then get it as sharp as possible. You’ll be amazed at how often you put a high quality knife to work. It’s one of the best tool you’ll ever own. What knife and sharpener do use?


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