New Jersey Plans To Tighten Gun Laws

New Jersey will soon have a law that bans domestic abusers from owning firearms.

New Jersey Plans To Tighten Gun Laws

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a proposal into law last week that tightens gun laws. It focuses on individuals under restraining orders and those convicted of domestic violence offenses, reports.

Further, Bill S2483, which can be read in full here, prohibits people convicted of a domestic violence crime from even possessing previously owned firearms, according to

This bill, according to reports, is a reworked version of a bill that was vetoed in May. Christie reportedly vetoed May’s bill because it needed provision that increases criminal penalties for offenses, including maximums for repeat offenders. Christie also said, according to, that he supports the measure that does not accelerate the process for abuse victims to obtain guns for personal protection. reports this passed bill comes after Christie a year ago told New Jersey residents he planned to loosen gun laws with a Republican Legislature. He attempted loosening the state’s severe concealed carry permit restrictions, but it was recently blocked by New Jersey’s Democratic Legislature.

On the other side, reports, Christie has been on the gun-control side in the past. This includes when he proposed banning the sale of .50 rifles following the Newton, Connecticut, shooting.

What do you think of the new bill in New Jersey? Is it what’s needed, or could it be improved?


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