More Reader Responses: Does AARP Want Your Guns?

We detailed why AARP doesn’t want you to own guns and asked what you think. Here’s what you had to say.

More Reader Responses: Does AARP Want Your Guns?

There might be a lot you don’t know about AARP. Though, based on your replies, there is one thing most of us have learned: AARP is anti-guns. In the August 2017 issue of Whitetail Journal, Editor Bob Robb wrote a full-page column for the back page of the magazine detailing how AARP feels about guns and why. Robb even goes into financials of the company and includes a direct misleading response the company issued him when he asked about their stance.

If you do not have an issue of Whitetail Journal on hand, you can read Robb’s column here.

As with all of Robb’s columns, he wants to hear from you. Numerous readers responded via email with their opinion on the AARP’s stance against guns. Here’s what they said:

From: Dr Mike Cole
Subject: AARP and guns

I guess I should have known, but did not; that AARP is antigun. I am 70 and recently joined AARP to get their discounts, which I have since learned do not amount to a hill of beans. As you so aptly stated, it is for stuff we don't want or need. LOL

Great article, and thanks for keeping us informed. I am promptly sending an email to AARP and telling them as soon as my 2 year subscription runs out, I won't be signing back up because of their stance about my guns. I would quit right now, but I might need a hotel discount in the next 2 years ROFL

I am 70 as I said, I am sharp of mind, and able to do more things physically than people half my age. I certainly can out-shoot most of them. Thanks again for your great article.

From: Robert Peterson
Subject: Right to Own Guns

I am a gun owner who lives in the real world where there are thousands of people I meet each day who should not own a gun or even have access to one. If we are not going to limit the right to own a gun then we need to strengthen our gun crime laws and everyone who shoots another who then dies, are charged with murder especially policemen who have a shoot first mentality.

From: Henry Wilson

Subject: AARP views on 2nd Amendment

I’m 74 now.  Nineteen years ago when I turned 55 I decided to join AARP with their benefits in mind.  After reading the first couple of journal issues mailed to me I could tell their ideology was not in line with mine.  $10 membership.  I never renewed my membership.

I have taken Consumers Report off and on over the last few years.  They have started sticking their liberal noses into areas that are also contrary to my conservative views.  Why and how have all the major media sources become overrun and under the control of socialistic big government groups?  Seems like they are attacking us from a 1000 different directions all at one time.

I too am a life member of the NRA and all sportsmen need to undergird organizations that uphold our God given rights and values.

I didn’t see your original article but did read it from the web link on grand views website.  Thanks for pointing out for others the obvious bias in this left wing organization, AARP.

From: Robert Whyel
Subject: AARP @guns

I read your article. I am 65 and have belonged to AARP for a number of years. I have been an outdoors person for 60+ years, hunt and fish. Just because I don't agree w/their position, I DO NOT intend to cancel my AARP. There are to many perks.

From: Lew Rigaud

HOORAY!! It is about time someone expose those that leftist liberal terror group!!
Thanks for doing this!!

From: Don Mitchell
Subject: AARP


I dropped my membership in AARP when they decided to abandon their real (paying) membership and climb into bed with the Kenyan muslim/marxist over healthcare. This clearly showed that (i) they valued the revenues from insurance companies paying for the use of their “intellectual property” and (ii) that they like the concept of a central authority (of which they’d like to be a part) making all decisions for all Americans if they can profit. Can you say “crony capitalism”?

From: Mike Winegard
Subject: AARP

I checked them out when I joined 17 years ago. When I went through their policies and found that not only are they anti-gun but they also are less than a democratic organization. You can’t vote or influence who runs the show. Basically it is an insurance company masquerading as a non-profit! I don’t know about c4’s but this is clearly croocked.

From: Steve Mitchler

Subject: Last Word

To: Bob Robb

Bob, I just got done reading your article that was in Whitetail Journal dated August 2017 "Last Word" Does the AARP want your guns? I find this interesting along with being true on all points you make. Why is it that everyone wants to attack, make new laws and chance the Second Amendment? I sometimes wish I had an answer for that.

One only needs to look around to see and read what's happening to our Freedom as a country, as a Nation that has a Constitution that has been in place for 240 plus years. We as a Nation, have a Bill of Rights that our Founding Forefathers put in place to guard and guarantee, one would hope against things like this from happening. Still we have the Left along with Liberals wanting to change the very freedom that we should hold dear to our hearts.

We should go back to teaching American History and not whatever these days some teachers want to teach. There were and still are reasons "We the People" were given those rights and why so many over the course of history have given their lives in defending them.

I don't want to make this political, everyone has a right to speak up. Still, we have a right that was given to us many years ago. Once our rights are gone, they are gone for ever and that would be heart breaking.

Great article in bringing this to people who understand that the cost of Freedom comes with a price.

From: Kenneth Blue
Subject: AARP's gun ownership stance

I live in Charles Co. MD. I am 49yoa, and have been receiving a lot of propaganda from AARP to join their ranks! After read your article I don't think I will and I as you did will call them and let them know how I feel! I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman! So I own a few weapons, long guns mostly but I do own a few handguns, for personal protection mostly! I also teach Hunter Safety classes for the State of MD which is strictly volunteer! I do support the right to carry in our state and i am enrolled in a firearms safety class that is geared in safe use and carrying of firearms! Specifically handguns, l whole heartedly agree with your opinion on AARP and will not be joining their organization! Thank you for your article!

From: Mark Hammond
Subject: AARP on Gun Ownership

Thank you,

Your article was enlightening.  I will not be joining AARP.

From: James Crosier
Subject: AARP

I apperciate your article in whitetail magazine. It was well written and informative. I'm 62 retired and a avid outdoorsman hunter, sportsman and gun collector and owner. One that has 2 sons and 1 daughter with 4 grandchildren. All I'm proud to say grew up with firearm's in the house and later on in their own House's.

I was unaware of AARP stand regarding gun control and ownership.
Now that my eyes have been opened I will not renew my AARP membership this year.
These people need to understand what power as a group we gun owners have.
I think the best proof of that is the new president we gun owners just elected.
I hope they learn from that lesson!
Good work!

Subject: Does AARP Want Your Guns?

Hey Bob:

Thank you for your excellent article exposing AARP's position on Seniors and Guns.
It is very annoying how these Board Rooms of US Corporations think that they know more than the people of America.
Thanks again,
Capt. Art Sansoucy

From: Bob Plover

Subject: aarp


I just finished reading your article in the Aug. 2017 issue of Whitetail Journal. I also cancelled my AARP membership when I realized they are anti-gun. I also sent a letter asking why. I'm still waiting for an answer. I cancelled in 2006. Any old people organization that is supposed to help protect Social Security, Medicare, pharmacy prices, etc. should stick to what they know. I can't understand why they are pro abortion, when none of their members are of reproductive age. I belong to the Knights of Columbus here in Wy. & I am very unhappy with the amount of members who belong to this organization. I now belong to AMAC. AMAC is pro gun & anti AARP. Their dues is cheaper & their different coverages(dental, eyes, etc.) are more reasonable.

Thanks for the article.

From: Cliff Gibson

Subject: AARP & Weapons

While I have yet to reach the age of needing or wanting to be a part of a senior citizen organization, I find it disheartening that such a large conglomerate of resources would stand against the constitutional rights of fellow Americans. I am a firm believer that any law abiding person who feels the need to own and operate firearms should be able to do so, regardless of what the far left deem as "safer". I work as a fire fighter and have seen more than my fair share of gun violence, occasionally it makes the news, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that an armed homeowner is the best defense against home invasions. There have been a handful of shootings in recent home invasions that have resulted in the perpetrators being wounded or killed and the victims left with not much more than a mess to have cleaned. These are the instances that organizations such as AARP, PepsiCo, and other lobbyists groups don't want hitting the national news screen. I can only pray and hope that the American voters continue to elect officials that align themselves with the Constitutional Rights of the people that put them in office. As for the illegal ownership of firearms, no law is going to prevent or stop the criminal world from obtaining weapons. LAWS DON'T STOP CRIMINALS, if they did there wouldn't be a need for prisons or jails as at that point criminal activity would cease.  Unfortunately, no matter what common sense dictates, we live in a world where large groups with deep pockets feel that they have the right to push their views and beliefs onto the general public and use the American Government to insure that they are heard. It's a great pleasure to see that there are still writers and publishers that are willing to expose these groups for what they really are, keep up the good work.

From: Roger

Subject: "Last Word" article

Just read your article in the Whitetail Journal and could not agree more that AARP is a left leaning, democrat anti-American group.

I have zero use for their political leanings and for that reason I belong to AMAC.

There are the conservative voice for mature Americans and are pro-gun, pro-life and well worth looking into...

They have discounts like AARP, and most I do not need or want, but their voice in congress is what i stay a member for (plus their roadside assistance program - better that AAA and less expensive)

Keep up writing these good articles!!!

From: John Moren

Subject: AARP article in the August 2017 publication.

Bless you for your article!

AARP also supported Barack Obama for President and his Health care act . Both proved to be expensive burdens on US. AARP is supposed to be representing the best interests of seniors but clearly have a liberal agenda more like HSUS.

I am a senior but dropped my AARP membership in 2008 for the above reasons .

Thanks again for your article!

From: Verne A. Gage

Subject: Article


You are spot on in your article regarding AARP. Not only are they involved in the fight against gun ownership, they are also in lockstep with a certain political party adamantly opposed to the second amendment, going as far to openly support those candidates.

My wife and I are both in our sixties and have refused to join AARP because of their policies and political stances. We have joined AMAC instead and strongly suggest anyone thinking of joining AARP to look into AMAC.

Thank you.

From: Carl Fosco

Subject: AARP comentary in Whitetail Journal

I think you are looking for bogeymen where none exist. The statement by AARP is remarkably bland and is only calling for strengthening gun laws. It is not by any stretch of the imagination hysterically anti gun'

I also have issues with AARP but anti gun is not one of them. I hope you are not one of those anti gun conspiracy people. None one is coming for your or my guns. I have two guns that I bought  over 50 years ago. and at 70 hope to see more seasons in the woods. With 300 millions guns in this country I do not see any movements of any serious nature to confiscate guns.

The real problem is an attitude among the more fanatical gun owners that they have been conditioned by groups like the NRA and its pro gun rhetoric of guns for anybody, anytime and anywhere has caused people like me to drop my membership. They recently pushed through congress a bill, signed into law by Trump that allows people on Medicare who have dementia to buy guns.

The NRA in its most recent recruitment ad encourages people to buy guns to protect themselves from leftists, communists, socialists, and anyone who might question the right to a gun. They have become a shill for the gun industry. Open carry laws like in Texas scare the living daylights out of ordinary people.

I see as the greatest danger to gun rights, are the organizations like the NRA and its rightwing crazy agenda.

What do you think? Let us know below or email Robb at

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