Top Bowhunting Rests, Sights and Quivers for 2020

Here are 19 bow accessories to consider bolting onto your compound this season.

Top Bowhunting Rests, Sights and Quivers for 2020

Selecting a new bow is challenging enough. Picking the right bow is an individual process and shouldn’t be completed without shooting several available models. As a bowhunter, this is likely something you do when choosing a new bow.

However, during the bow purchasing process, you may neglect to put the same time and thought into the selection of new bow accessories. Selecting bow accessories can be overwhelming too, especially considering the number of bolt-ons needed, combined with the full range of products to choose from. Additionally, accessorizing a new bow is not cheap; the culmination of products might cost more than the new bow — a painful pill to swallow.

Luckily, the current market comprises a wealth of products that target specific price points. With some investigative research, you can find the right products that fit your budget. With that in mind, here are 19 bolt-ons — sights, rests and quivers — to consider for your new — or old — bow.


Apex Gear Surge

This drop-away rest from Apex Gear won’t break the bank. The Surge (photo above) has a delayed trigger that keeps your arrow supported for an extended period, followed by a high-speed trigger that releases the rest down and out of the way, ensuring fletching clearance. This rest is attached to the downward moving buss cable with a micro-tune cable clamp. This can all be done without a bow press for easy installation. Each rest comes with two launchers to accommodate different arrow sizes, offers full arrow containment and is available in right- and left-hand models.

MSRP: $84



Fuse Ultra-Rest

The Ultra-rest by Fuse features velocity drop-away technology that drops the rest only when the bow is fired. That means if you are on a stalk and draw your bow and have to let down, your rest will stay in the up position. This model is cable-driven, has full capture and all of the popular features of similar rests. The Ultra-Rest is available in black and camo.

MSRP: $129



QAD Integrate MX - Hoyt

In 2020, QAD collaborated with Hoyt to make the Integrate MX fit all of the new Hoyt bows. The rest clamps directly into the machined dovetail on the riser for the utmost consistency. The Integrate MX provides a secure mounting system with a full capture design along with the other QAD rest features that archers have become accustomed to.

MSRP: $249.99



Ripcord Lok

The Lok has a similar look to past models with the rubber molded full containment launcher. This limb driven model has a dual ball bearing drive for smooth operation and reliability. Adjustments are me with precision micro clicks, with a full rotation moving the rest .025 of an inch. What really sets this model apart from past models is that it can be locked in the up position by pushing the small button on the back of the rest. Having your rest up and ready is a critical selling point for many hunters.

MSRP: $230



Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit V

Trophy Ridge has updated and released a new model of biscuit-style rest, the Whisker Biscuit V. This new rest incorporates the same basic design with a side load notch into the rest where the arrow is supported. The new design features V-shaped bristles to perfectly center the arrow. At the same time decreasing the number of points of contact on the arrow. The Whisker Biscuit is easy to tune. Available upgrades are sure to make the rest even more attractive.

MSRP: $50



Vaportrail Gen 7

The Gen 7 from Vaportrail is a limb driven design rest that is available in 12 interchangeable colors. Listening to customer feedback about lack of full containment, Vaportrail remedied that on the Gen 7. Arrows are loaded through a side gate and the rubber overmold on the rest keeps things silent while loading and during the shot. Only capable of being driven by the top limb, there are no brakes or cocking mechanism. The arrow is fully contained while the bow is at rest. As it’s drawn, the arrow rises straight up, and at the shot, the rest is released. This rest is a simple yet effective design.

MSRP: $160




Axcel Accutouch

The Accutouch with Accustat II scope sight is a made with a dovetail design with first, second and third axis adjustments. The Accutouch is available in single, 3- and 5-pin models, with micro-adjust pins. Each sight has a full 26 inches of fiber-optic wrapped around the head of the sight to ensure the pin is always nice and bright. Brightness can also be adjusted by using the rheostat cover to achieve the right brightness for the conditions. Another handy feature that many sliding sight shooters appreciate is the 45-degree sight tape that makes yardage adjustments easy, even in hunting situations.

MSRP: $410 to $495



Black Gold Mountain Lite

Black Gold has streamlined its popular Ascent line with the new Mountain Lite. Don’t let the lighter package fool you; this thing is still feature-rich. Available in 3- or 5-pin versions, this new sight also has the new Duel indicator system that allows shooters to dial far while having a yardage indicator for shorter distances. Other features include Black Gold’s popular photochromatic shell, 45 degree angled sight tape and first, second and third axis adjustments.

MSRP: $284



HHA Tetra Max

The standard mount model comes in a single-pin or 4-pin version. A second, tournament-version with a dovetail mount is also available in a single-pin or 4-pin model. Each sight comes with two yardage wheels, so shooters can have two different arrow set-ups with one sight by dialing the yardage wheel. Another cool feature is the magnifier that makes it easier for those of us who are having a hard time reading our yardage indicator. The Tetra Max is available only to businesses with physical stores to help support local bow shops.

MSRP: $380 to $509



IQ Define Pro

The IQ Define Pro 7-pin is a hybrid between a standard fixed pin sight and a rangefinding sight. The sight is capable of ranging, but the shooter must use the corresponding sight pin on the target. This model is 30% lighter than previous IQ models with a smaller magnesium frame. This 7-pin model is capable of ranging out to 150 yards, has second and third axis adjustments, and features the popular IQ retina lock technology.

MSRP: $550



Spot Hogg Fast Eddie

Spot Hogg’s Fast Eddie XL is a premium slider-style bowhunting sight available in 1-, 3-, 5- and 7-pin options. This sight is made with a dovetail mount from solid 6061 aluminum. The Fast Eddie XL has an improved yardage dial with a better grip and has a double pointer for double pin configurations. Additionally, second and third axes are micro-adjustable, and most sight adjustments can be made without the use of tools. New Spot Hogg sights also have MRT Multi ring technology. This provides shooters with a higher level of accuracy in varying lighting situations by always giving a visible ring to center on their peep regardless of the amount of available light.

MSRP: $285



Tru-Glo Storm G2

Those looking for an affordable multi-pin sight should check out the Storm G2 by Tru-Glo. This sight is available in 3- and 5-pin models that feature .019-inch pins. Its lightweight, compact design features an aluminum mounting bracket that offers incredible strength and a reasonable price point.

MSRP: $26 to $31



Photo by Sam Soholt
Photo by Sam Soholt



Apex Gear Reactor XL

Apex Gear’s Reactor XL Quiver has a lightweight composite construction and a mount that keeps the quiver close to the bow and out of the way. Brackets allow for angle adjustment, and the mounting arm holds the quiver back toward the shooter for better stability and balance. The Tru-Touch coating dampens noise, and a rubber hood liner reduces noise while keeping broadheads from dulling when taking them in and out.

MSRP: $77



Bohning Bruin

At only 8 ounces, the Bruin Quiver by Bohning provides a viable option for archers on a strict budget. This model holds four arrows and has dual grippers to hold any arrow and broadhead combination securely in place. With a composite stem and a molded hood, the Bruin is not only lightweight but is durable, too. With a full two inches of vertical adjustment, shooters can fit it for their individual needs. The sound dampening hood liner makes arrow removal silent and vibration to a minimum on the shot.

MSRP: $38



Fuse Carbon Alpahlite XL

The Fuse Carbon Alpahlite XL holds five arrows, and its carbon tube frame provides a quiet, yet durable build. The adjustable mountain bracket mounts the quiver close to the bow, allowing for easy up and down adjustment to let each archery balance their set-up. Adjustable grippers accommodate arrows of varying diameters, and the hood accepts most fixed and mechanical heads.

MSRP: $80



G5 Head-Loc

The Head-Loc from G5 Outdoors is a 6-arrow quiver that uses rubber connection between the bow and the quiver that drastically reduces vibration and noise when the bow is shot. This mounting system also allows the quiver to be mounted close to the bow for better bow balance. Additionally, the Exo-flex hood is very quiet, light and has less vibration than those made from traditional plastics. This hood accepts most fixed and expandable heads, and the power grip double gripper keeps arrows in place without the fear of expandable broadhead deployment.

MSRP: $55



Mathews Arrow Web HD

The Arrow Web HD Series Quiver from Mathews is available in 4- and 6-arrow models. This quiver has Mathews Harmonic Dampers in both the body, as well as the new SpiderClaw mounting system, reducing sound by up to 55%. Each HD quiver also includes a detachable blade protector for shooters are using expandable broadheads. A new foam insert, designed to fit most expandables and fixed broadheads up to 1 1/8-inches, is included.

MSRP: $160



Tightspot 5-Arrow

Tightspot took great strides to get it “right” when they released their original 5-Arrow Quiver (photo above). Since then, they have improved the quiver continuously. They now have 3- and 7-arrow models that are of the same basic design. Each quiver is lightweight and mounts tightly to the bow for ultimate bow balance. The quiver and mounting bracket are micro-adjustable to aid with balancing while keeping arrows securely held in position and out of the way. This year’s model is available in several new colors to better match bows on the market.

MSRP: $175



Tru-Glo Tru-Tec LT

The Tru-Tec LT weighs in at only 10 ounces, and the positive lock mounting bracket is a secure connection that allows for easy one-handed removal. Interchangeable colored inserts not only enable individuals to get the look they desire but also drastically help reduce vibrations. This quiver is capable of accepting a wide variety of arrow diameters and fits both fixed and mechanical broadheads.

MSRP: $56



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