The Ultimate AR versus AK Showdown

For the first time ever, we pit the new CMMG Mk-47 Mutant against its closest rival, the Rock River Arms LAR-47 and see how both rifles stack up against the tried and true Kalashnikov AK-47.
The Ultimate AR versus AK Showdown

If you haven't heard of the Mk-47 Mutant built by CMMG, you're probably living under a rock.

The Mutant promised to bring the smooth shooting accuracy and customization of the AR-15 platform to a harding hitting 7.62x39 firing rifle — it's called the Mutant for a reason.

Not satisfied with just another rifle review, Grand View Outdoors decided to see how the Mk-47 stacked up against the Rock River Arms LAR-47 and a new school Kalashnikov AK-47. Bottom line, there's a lot to like about both AR 7.62s, but don't go throwing out your trusty AK just yet.


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