Tactical Solutions Axiom Suppressor Review

Grand View Outdoors puts Tactical Solutions' Axiom Suppressor to work in the squirrel woods. Discover the benefits of hunting suppressed and get the scoop on the Axiom.
Tactical Solutions Axiom Suppressor Review

The Tactical Solutions Axiom suppressor is a compact, light weigh suppressor for rimfire rifles and handguns. It features a patent pending split tube technology, which allows the user to remove the baffle stack for cleaning no matter how dirty the suppressor gets. The suppressor will get dirty shooting rimfire rounds, too.

The Axiom suppressor is manufactured using titanium and a stainless steel split tube. The Axiom is rated for semi and full auto use with the following calibers: .22LR, .17HM2, .22WMR, .17HMR and 5.7x28.


- 1/2"x28 Threads
- 1 inch outside diameter
- Full auto rated
- Titanium baffles and body
- Stainless steel split tube
- 6 ounces
- 5.9 inches long
- Heat resistant utility pouch and wrench include

The Tactical Solutions Axiom suppressor sells for $364 at Silencer Shop.

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