Rugged Oculus22 Rimfire Suppressor Review

In this suppressor review, editor Mark Olis learned Rugged’s Oculus22 rimfire suppressor delivers modularity, serviceability and suppression all in one.
Rugged Oculus22 Rimfire Suppressor Review

I still own a closed-system rimfire suppressor, but good luck finding many being sold nowadays. Rimfire shooters want serviceable suppressors that they can easily clean, and they want modular configurations that allow them to choose the level of suppression needed. Rugged Suppressors listened to the people when designing the Oculus22 suppressor.

The Oculus22 is constructed of 17-4 PH stainless steel and is completely user serviceable. Simply remove the front cap to disassemble and clean. The Oculus22 suppressor at full length measures 5¼ inches long and weighs 6.9 ounces. When looking for a shorter option, the ADAPT Modular Technology built into the Oculus allows it to be configured down to 3¼ inches (4.3 ounces) within seconds.

The Oculus is also designed to eliminate first-round pop. I found this to be true when shooting the suppressor during my review. I hosted the suppressor on a Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory pistol. I had zero malfunctions when shooting the pistol with suppressor, even when shooting subsonic rounds. The lightweight suppressor shot well and balanced nicely on this handgun.

Other key features of the Oculus22 are baffle indexing within the tube body for repeatable return to zero and it’s not only full-auto rated, but belt-fed rated, too! The suppressor is finished with high-temp Cerakote and comes with a proprietary tool to remove endcap. sells the Rugged Oculus22 for $394.


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