Online Gun Trusts The Best Way To Purchase A Suppressor

If you’re thinking about buying a suppressor then you need to get an online NFA gun trust. They are fast, easy and inexpensive.

Online Gun Trusts The Best Way To Purchase A Suppressor

Ever since I purchased my first suppressor and have been shooting with it on my rifles, I’ve been spreading the good news of suppressed shooting. So the other day when a co-worker of mine walked by my desk and said he wanted to get a suppressor and asked me the best way to go about getting one I told him without hesitation to set up a gun trust and then find the suppressor he wanted. He was hesitant on setting up a trust because it sounded like a big obligation, but I pointed out the reasons why a trust is better than going without.

  • A NFA Gun Trust allows you to add people to your trust, such as family members and friends. It also allows you to add or remove them whenever you’d like.
  • An NFA Gun Trust is faster than filing as an individual.
  • A Trust allows you to bypass the signature of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in your area, which can take significant time. You aren’t required to submit fingerprints either.
  • Starting July 13, 2016, ATF 41F will go in effect and there will be rule changes to what is required from a person in a trust. However, any previous approvals and pending approvals will be grandfathered in, so now is the time to setup a trust and purchase your suppressor.

Now that my buddy was sold on setting up a trust he asked how to do it. We sat down at my computer, went to, clicked on NFA Gun Trust, added it to the cart and paid for it. Within minutes he received an email with a link and instructions and we filled out all his info online and submitted it. It took no more than 10 minutes. He then received another email with a PDF document of the legal trust, which he then printed, signed in front of a notary of public, had it notarized and he was done. He now had a legally binding gun trust to use to purchase his suppressor.

The best part about using the Silencer Shop NFA Gun Trust is that it cost only $129 and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you had an NFA Trust drawn up by a lawyer, you would spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. At the start of this year Silencer Shop had generated over 15,000 NFA Gun Trust without one ATF problem in purchasing a silencer.

If you’re interested in purchasing your first suppressor or adding to your collection then now is the time, and I highly recommend getting a NFA Gun Trust.

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