New Target Makes Shooting On The Fly A Breeze

Feral Targets are affordable, fast to assemble and can take more than 1,000 rounds.

New Target Makes Shooting On The Fly A Breeze

Feral Targets is a unique product that is an all-in-one, free-standing target. No staples, tape or tacks are needed.

Owner Roger Ferrell’s patent-pending creation takes a rigid cardboard base that snaps together in two locations (and can be anchored down by metal spikes in two locations, if needed) to make a solid shooting structure that can take a shot from any gun. We tested the Feral Target with a 9mm, AK-47 and shotgun, and — as seen below — the target barely moved.

Feral Targets come with two reload targets for once enough shots through the base make it impossible to see where your shots are hitting, but a replacement base isn’t necessary. Ferrell shows a literal example of the sturdy base, showing the Grand View Outdoors team the original Feral Target, which currently has more than 1,300 shots through it.

The base (and two reloading targets) is $19.99, while an additional 10 pack of reloads — zombie or sight-in designs — are $17.99. For more information, call (256) 653-5087 or visit



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