Review: TenPoint Vengent S440

The TenPoint Vengent S440 is a compact, speedy and dependable crossbow.

Review: TenPoint Vengent S440

When it comes to listening to the needs and desires of crossbow hunters, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies has always lead the pack. The most common demand from deer hunters, for example, has been lightweight (for carrying), slender profile (for maneuverability) and accuracy (for one-shot kills). TenPoint’s engineers and design staff have worked relentlessly on these and other aspects of crossbow design since they created their own innovative company in 1993. Over the past 27 years, TenPoint has been instrumental in designing shorter, faster, more accurate and more dependable crossbows.

It comes as no surprise, then, that TenPoint’s latest offering for 2020 will ring the bell of excellence once again for shooters who demand nothing less than the best for their hunting trips.


TenPoint Vengent S440 Specs

  • DRAW WEIGHT: 5 pounds with ACUslide
  • POWER STROKE: 14 inches
  • ARROW: Pro-Elite 400 Carbon, 400 grains
  • ARROW LENGTH: 20 inches
  • ARROW SPEED: 410 to 440 fps, depending on arrow choice
  • TRIGGER PULL: 3.5 lbs.; dry-fire inhibitor
  • SIGHTS: RangeMaster Pro Variable Speed scope provided
  • COCKING DEVICE: Integrated ACUslide cocking sled w/crank
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 35 inches
  • AXLE-TO-AXLE WIDTH: 5.8 inches cocked; 11 inches uncocked
  • WEIGHT: 7.7 pounds
  • OTHER FEATURES: ACUslide integral crank system; zero-creep, two-stage S1 trigger; noise reduction system; pass-through foregrip; six-arrow quiver; six EVO-X CenterPunch arrows; RangeMaster Pro scope; Blazer soft crossbow case.
  • MSRP: $2,149.99 (Veil Alpine camo); $2,049.99 (Graphite Gray)



When I unpacked my new Vengent S440, everything that came out of the box made me want to assemble it and head directly to the range. As usual, however, my first stop was the owner’s manual, which quickly spelled out the nuances, innovations, improvements and similarities between the Vengent and other crossbow models in the TenPoint line. 

Visibly slender and lightweight in hand, the Vengent is just under 6 inches wide when cocked, 35 inches long and weighs only 7.7 pounds (including scope and quiver). Fueled by RX-6 cams, the forward-draw bow assembly is the difference-maker in one of the world’s fastest crossbows, producing arrow speeds up to 440 fps. The Vengent’s revolutionary Vector Quad Cable system utilizes four cables instead of the traditional two, which eliminates cam lean and generates straight nock travel, producing same-hole accuracy downrange.

The Vengent’s lightweight, aircraft-strength CNC-machined aluminum riser is made from 6061-T6 alloy and features TenPoint’s TRI-LOCK limb pocket system. The Vengent’s new 20-inch MICRO-TRAC fluted aluminum flight rail reduces the flight deck surface by an incredible 50%, minimizing string-to-barrel contact and ensuring the longest string life in the industry.

The Vengent’s S-1, 3.5-pound two-stage, zero-creep trigger features a release latch that locks the trigger box in place each time the string is cocked. This removes tension from the cocking strap while ensuring the trigger box is locked in the same position for each shot, making the Vengent safer and more accurate than most competitors’ designs. The S-1 trigger’s unique design gives the shooter greater control with more consistent let-off, which translates into tighter groups and improved down-field accuracy.

The Vengent’s convenient, integrated ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system allows all hunters, regardless of physical ability, to effortlessly draw the bowstring to cock the bow and provides safe de-cocking without having to shoot the bow. The extending crank device fits snugly into the rear of the stock.

Although the Vengent comes out of the box ready to shoot, the consumer must mount the included scope and attach the integrated stirrup and quiver mount. The instructions for assembly are clear and concise, with instructional photos included to illustrate the process. Ten minutes after opening the clear plastic clamshell shipping container, I was headed for the bench.

On the Range

Experienced crossbow shooters will quickly notice that the Vengent’s stirrup is too small to be used during the cocking process. However, the integral sled cocker can be operated without using the toe of a boot, making the stirrup more useful as a hangar or handle. The good news is that the Vengent is short enough and maneuverable enough to be easily and safely cocked while sitting in a blind or stand. There were no mechanical issues to report at the range, either. The entire cocking process was slick, smooth and surprisingly quick over the course of 150 shots, not counting the roving range, where the Vengent cocked and loaded without a hitch throughout.

As advertised, the Vengent’s two-stage S1 trigger, locking trigger box, consistent 3.5-pound trigger pull and reduced flight deck contribute to the crossbow’s astounding accuracy. The first two shots put my arrows dead center at 20 yards, and from then on, it was one-shot-per-bull’s-eye or risk a Robin Hood at every distance out to 60 yards. For testing purposes, I did shoot two consecutive arrows at long range and heard the unmistakable “thwack” of one shaft hitting the other, a clear indication that continuing such theatrics would be an expensive proposition. I rarely shoot a second arrow at a live deer, bear or hog, so I practice the same sort of thrift at the target range.

I was especially pleased that the provided RangeMaster variable-speed scope is calibrated out to 60 yards, bucking the current trend of 100-yard scopes for crossbows. In practice, few shots at whitetails are taken beyond 40 yards. In thick cover, under dark, windy conditions, even those opportunities can be few and far between. I’ve seen plenty of deer at 60 yards, but I prefer to wait for them to get closer to ensure an accurate, one-shot kill. When it comes to bowhunting, getting closer is always the better choice.

With the Vengent sighted in and tuned up at the range, it was time to run the roving course. I happened to pick a day that featured a realistic combination of cold, wind overcast and even some spitting snow, which made the exercise that much more realistic. All targets from 10 to 40 yards were in grave danger. With arrows leaving the gate at over 400 feet per second, it didn’t take long to register clean hits on every silhouette.

I especially appreciated the Vengent’s S1 trigger, which reliably broke at 3.5 pounds, shot after shot. I was even able to make some impressive “snapshot” hits on targets 40 yards and more away. In a few cases, I purposely backed off to 50 and 60 yards and registered effective kill shots no matter how large or small the target.

TenPoint’s claim that the new Vengent’s design minimized issues such as strap and string wear held true throughout the range process. After more than 200 non-stop shots, I paused to examine both systems and was surprised to see no noticeable wear. I waxed the rail as recommended in the owner’s manual (remember the owner’s manual?) and had no issues with cuts, frays or excessive wear. Lubricate the rail and string as suggested by TenPoint, and the Vengent should more than outlast its five-year limited warranty. At that point, the user should consider returning the crossbow to TenPoint for routine maintenance and parts replacement.

This is the point where I sit back to consider what my complaints are about each crossbow I review. My only complaint with the Vengent S440 is no sling is provided with the crossbow, which seems a shame considering the comparatively high cost of the bow. Serviceable slings can be purchased for $20 or so, which shouldn’t break the bank on either end. However, for a crossbow to be truly “ready to hunt,” the package should include a sling.

I chose to load four arrows with broadheads into the six-arrow quiver with one field-tipped arrow for unloading the crossbow. This is not really necessary given the Vengent’s built-in de-cocking feature. However, I like to shoot my crossbows at the end of the day just to ensure that they are still dead-on and functioning correctly. Also, I sometimes use the spare arrow to shoot at squirrels, rabbits, pheasants or other game that may wander by. Obviously, this is a personal choice.

The Vengent crossbow package includes the crossbow with ACUslide cocking/de-cocking system, RangeMaster Pro scope, six EVO-X CenterPunch arrows, quiver, integrated string-stop system and Blazer soft crossbow case (see sidebar). MSRP is $2,149.99 in Veil Alpine camouflage or $2,049.99 in Graphite Gray.

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Sidebar: TenPoint Narrow Soft Crossbow Case

Aside from a sling, every hunting crossbow sold today should include a fitted case designed to protect the investment while accommodating the wide variety of accessories that make any crossbow hunting trip more efficient, effective and successful.

TenPoint’s Vengent S440 package includes a fitted, lightweight, rugged, ultra-sleek soft case that is constructed of sturdy nylon and polyester with foam padding throughout. The inside of the case is equipped with a hook-and-loop strap to secure the crossbow for transport along with a roomy pocket for small accessory storage such as broadheads, field tips, lube and other essential necessities.

The exterior of the case features two zippered pockets for quiver and arrow storage. Two padded straps include quick-release buckles for backpack-style or shoulder carry, a non-slip strip to prevent sliding during transport, a nylon hanging strap for storage while in camp, Molle straps for attaching extra gear on the exterior and padded straps and a comfortable rubber grip handle.

The Blazer case is 40.5 inches long, 18.5 inches wide and 10.75 inches deep. The case may be used to transport other crossbows, including take-down models with plenty of room for spare parts, accessories and necessary gear. The Blazer crossbow case is included with the Vengent S440 crossbow package or may be purchased as an accessory for $109.99.


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