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G5 Outdoors came from its third-generation, family-owned parent company, Grace Engineering, which started in Memphis, Michigan, in 1967.

“Grace Engineering developed a reputation by taking on difficult projects other companies were unable to complete and producing high-quality results,” Tim Checkeroski, G5’s marketing coordinator, said. “The processes used to do this were carried over into G5 Outdoors, and the company entered the archery industry with single-piece broadheads that were easy to re-sharpen many times over. The techniques used to make and test these broadheads separate them from other broadheads. Plus, G5 broadheads are 100 percent spin-tested for straightness to guarantee field-point accuracy.”

Today, the Montec CS — a fixed-blade broadhead and one of G5’s first broadheads — is still a top seller even after 16 years on the market. That longstanding popularity is based on the head’s single-piece design and simplicity, but also on its precision accuracy and deadly performance.


G5 Outdoors Montec CS

“We receive many comments and reviews every year about the Montec,” Checkeroski shared. “Our customers continually report how happy they are with its performance, its many uses and many reuses. It’s a very accurate fixed-blade broadhead because each one is inspected under a microscope to determine straightness. This is the only way to achieve reliable field-point accuracy.”

Of course, G5 Outdoors also offers deadly expandable broadheads. “The Havoc, a G5 expandable broadhead, has been living up to its name and more,” Checkeroski continued. “It’s easily the market’s sharpest expandable broadhead today, thanks to its .030- inch Lutz blades. The Havoc was G5’s response to demand from the archery industry's consumer base who wanted a large-cutting, two- blade expandable able to withstand the harshest conditions.

Havoc XP

G5 Outdoors Havoc XP

“Additionally, the Havoc XP was created so more people can hunt with expandable broadheads. It’s specifically designed for bowhunters who shoot low-kinetic energy bow setups — usually bows with short draw lengths and low draw weights — ensuring maximum penetration with a devastating 11⁄2-inch cutting diameter. The Havoc also features a wicked, cut-on-contact design and a reliable Dual Trap Blade-Retention System. Except for the Montec CS, every broad- head in G5 Outdoors’ lineup is made of 100 percent stainless steel, and this makes them incredibly stronger than competing aluminum broadheads.”

Checkeroski said the company isn’t about to rest on its laurels. “G5 Outdoors’ motto is, ‘You’re only as good as you can measure,’ and we constantly seek new and improved ways to do this because we’re our own biggest competitor,” he affirmed. “G5 will make sure it’s the technology leader in a constant search to improve designs, concepts and manufacturing processes. Consumers can expect some great new designs coming that are stronger and sharper than anything available now.”

For more information, go to www.g5outdoors.com.


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