Trick Out Your YETI with Badger Wheels

The last thing you need with a full YETI cooler is to face difficulty lugging it around. Fortunately, Badger Wheels has solved that problem.

Trick Out Your YETI with Badger Wheels

Hunters and anglers know how to equip themselves. They also know how important it can be to have the best. That’s a big reason why YETI has seen the success it has. It’s dependability and durability is second to known. But, just like any other cooler, even a YETI can be a bit ungainly.

Lack of mobility can create a daunting challenge. However, Badger Wheels offers a quick, easy and practical solution by adding a frame with wheels.

Badger Wheels are constructed using the highest grade of steel available. They are specifically designed to withstand the rigors involved in traversing the most abusive and punishing terrain hunters may encounter. Plus, most of Badger’s cooler extras and accessories are also manufactured to fit several other premium coolers on the market today.

Here are a few options to consider:

The Original Badger Wheels Large 2-Axle Combo with Handle

The Large Badger Wheels and Handle Combo makes it infinitely easier when pulling your YETI Tundra up, down and over topography that is generally only fit for mountain goats.

This Combo includes 2 Heavy Duty Badger wheels measuring 4 ½x 7½ inches, reinforced axles, two steel locking plates with bolts along with a super-sturdy Badger Wheels Handle. This option fits Tundra models: 35, 45, 50, 65, 75, 105, 110, 125 and 160.

Badger Wheel 65 Standard Wheel Kit (with single axle and handle/stand)

The Standard Kit is adjustable and can be configured to fit all three Tundra Models listed. It features a strong carbon-steel powder-coated axle assembly and a sturdy aluminum handle. It also includes a steel locking plate with bolts and extensions of both 2 and 4 inches. Compact, but just as tough and durable as bigger Badger Wheels. This kit fits Tundra models 50, 65 and 110.

wheels for yeti coolers

Badger LED Light

The new Badger LED Light avoids overbearing luminance and, instead, offers just the right amount of light on a dark night. When the cooler lid is opened, 20 seconds of light is provided. Need more time? Tap the light for an additional 20 seconds. Two, waterproof CR2032batteries (included) are needed to operate the unit, which should give you over a year of service on a single set. The light includes high bond, dual-sided adhesive strips for easy mounting.

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Badger Aluminum, Anti-Vacuum Drain Valves

The Badger Grizzly Valve all-aluminum drain plug and relief valve is designed to fit YETI, Engel, ORCA, RTIC and ICEHOLE coolers. These highly durable valves are CNC machined out of aluminum and assembled with an O-ring seal and rubber gasket. The spring is made of quality stainless steel so it stands up to repeated exposure to saltwater and other elements. The valve’s release system intermittently allows a small amount of air into the cooler, releasing any vacuum that might build up. This is especially useful during warmer, summer months.

Cooler Wraps

Badger Wheels will soon add USA Tuff cooler wraps to their product line. These wraps are a great value and guaranteed to help make your premium cooler look new again.


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