Topp Archer Randy Oitker

Archer Randy Oitker featured on Topps Baseball Cards.
Topp Archer Randy Oitker

randy oitker baseball cardAs a kid, few things were more exciting than ripping open a pack of Topps baseball cards and hurriedly thumbing through the stack to see if one of my favorite players were in the lineup. Today, card collectors can look for Randy Oitker, world record archer and the first archer to be featured on a Topps baseball card.

"I was doing a show (archery) in Chicago and I got a phone call and they said, we want to put you on a Topps baseball card," says Oitker.

Randy is featured in the 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Series. These cards are based upon the 1880s tobacco card set of the same name, with featured stars from several different sports, including some of the earliest baseball cards. Like many of the baseball players in the set, Oitker has autographed cards that are randomly inserted in packs. There are also relic cards available with a piece of Randy’s wooden bow grip.

"They took the bow grip from the bow I shot six arrows from (at one time, hitting all six targets, which placed Oitker in the Guinness Book of World Records) in London, England. They shredded it and put those pieces on the cards," explains Oitker.

His cards are in high demand, too. Some of the signed cards go for more than $100 on eBay.

"It's neat to see people bidding on me," laughs Oitker. "I guess it's the redneck in me that likes to see people having a bidding war over my card."

You can pick up a pack of these cards at any store that sells Topps cards. For more information, visit


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