Product Profile: Trophy Ridge

With stand-out products like the ground-breaking 2011 Revolution rest and more, this accessories specialist aims to be a hardcore archer’s ‘one-stop shop.’
Product Profile: Trophy Ridge

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Trophy Ridge Revolution Rest

Trophy Ridge approaches the market as the expert in all things archery. Whether vertical or horizontal pins sights, from single-pin sliders to five-pin sights; Trophy Ridge is leading the industry. Trophy Ridge is so much more than just great sights,” says Jason Pickerill, marketing manager for Trophy Ridge.

Want some proof? The new-for-2011 Revolution rest from Trophy Ridge takes previous impressions about what a drop-away rest should be and throws them out the window. “The Revolution has redefi ned containment and clearance,” says Pickerill. Beyond simply dropping from the arrow’s path, the Revolution’s containment jaws open well before the fletching is in danger of contact, then takes the extra step of rotating the jaws, adding additional clearance. As an extra benefit, the rotating design eliminates any possibility of the launcher arms dropping, then bouncing back and creating the tuning and clearance nightmare often suffered by archers using other drop-away designs.

Setup and tuning of the Revolution are easy as well, due to several innovations designed into this unique rest. The internal components allow for quick, easy micro-adjustments. The most difficult aspect of other drop-away systems is the requirement of a bow press or tool to split the cable in order to attach the control string. The Revolution negates this need by incorporating a lightweight string clamp that makes setting your string position and tension a snap.

The Revolution offers the archer more than just an easy setup, it offers what every archer desires: performance in the field. Once engaged, the Revolution secures the arrow, thus eliminating the possibility of the arrow rattling or falling off the rest due to an errant draw—often the result of tough field conditions. Adding to that, the arrow remains completely contained in the jaws until the string is released; this gives the archer the added security of coming to full draw and letting down if necessary, without having to reset the rest or worry about game-spooking noise and movement.

If Murphy was an optimist, he was also an archer, and what can go wrong will go wrong—usually at the worst possible moment. Archers and bowhunters alike have tales of the “trophy” that got away when they executed the perfect shot—with the wrong pin. Whether in 3-D, spot shooting or hunting, archers favor the concept of having to focus only on a single point—and that point resting exactly where the arrow is intended to hit. Trophy Ridge has heard archers’ demands and answered them with the Pursuit sight.

The Pursuit is produced with 100-percent aluminum construction, keeping it strong but light in weight. Knowing that the sight would be subjected to all the rigors and weather conditions of the most extreme hunters and target shooters, Trophy Ridge designed the Pursuit with Delrin bushings to eliminate any metal-to-metal contact.

The single, adjustable pin culminates with a .019-inch fiber optic that measures a full 14 inches in length—to provide a well-defined aiming point with plenty of illumination for most any shooting condition. For those with aging eyes or certain low-light shooting requirements, the Pursuit comes standard with Trophy Ridge’s Rheostat adjust it. To achieve this, the Pursuit features Low Light Glo Indicator Tape that ensures the archer will see those sight marks in any light.

Target shooters and hunters often find their target on less-than-level shooting ground. Understanding this, Trophy Ridge’s engineers designed the Pursuit with an adjustable third axis level for up- and downhill shooting. The fact that the Pursuit is chock full of features while delivering smooth, silent adjustments and limitless pin settings is likely to be the main reason the Pursuit could be considered the best all-around singlepin sight Trophy Ridge has ever produced.

Looking for still more sight innovation? The new Judge is a great choice. Trophy Ridge is operating on the principle that your time is precious and more of it needs to be spent shooting and less at the sight-in range. “Many archers are not interested in shooting much past 30 yards. For these archers the Judge really shines,” said Pickerill. “The archer can simply sight in his 20- and 30-yard pin and have the rest of his pins set for 3-D or practice.”

The Judge dramatically reduces the time it takes to sight in. Simply start by “gang-adjusting” the pin housing to set the 20-yard pin. Then, by adjusting the lead screw, sight in the 30-yard pin. After that, voilá! The 40-, 50-, and 60-yard pins are automatically set thanks to the multipitched lead screw that moves all the sight pins at different ratios to compensate for your bow’s speed—providing perfect sight settings from 20 to 60 yards in a matter of minutes.

For novices and for hunters in the hardwoods with limited shooting range, this is certainly enough. For western hunters and those looking for maximum accuracy at longer range, Trophy Ridge recommends sighting in the 20 as previouslydescribed, then switching to the 60-yard pin instead of the 30. The sight operates the exact same way, with the lead screw adjusting the other pins to compensate.

Other features that will drive archers to the Judge include a quick-detach dovetail to disconnect the sight for a backcountry pack trip or simply to give extra clearance when slipping the bow into the case. Each pin on the Judge is constructed with 18 inches of .019-inch fiber optic that can also be illuminated with the included Rheostat Sight Light. The entire housing will withstand just about any abuse an archer can subject it to, thanks to the rigid aluminum sight housing.

A big boost for tech-savvy archers and neophytes alike is the Trophy Ridge Torque Adjustment Feature found on many of the company’s sights. This allows the individual archer to adjust for his particular hand torque simply by loosening the top and bottom torque screws and adjusting accordingly. Torque adjustment marks are also included for precise tuning, making the archer more consistent from one shot to the next.

We’ve covered a lot of neat innovation, but there’s much more all discriminating archers need to check out. Trophy Ridge manufactures quivers, broadheads, arrows, stabilizers, arrow rests and more—not to mention leading the containment arrow rest category with the now legendary Whisker Biscuit rest.

“Regardless of the accessory you are looking for, Trophy Ridge has the products dealers and consumers are looking for, from a name they have come to trust,” Pickerill said.

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