Product Profile: Kreighoff

The K-80 Pro Sporter – The Next Level of Krieghoff Performance
Product Profile: Kreighoff

krieghoff k80 shotgun

The K-80 Pro Sporter is built around the proven K-80 frame and features a floating rib suspended above the barrel. The Floating Rib and tall stock are designed to create a higher profile than standard sporting guns, thereby raising the shooter’s head position on the stock. The “head up” mount broadens the field of vision, providing quicker target pick up and less gun movement to acquire the second target.

The K-80 Pro Sporter offers the option of 30” or 32” barrels fitted with a specially designed adjustment wedge that allows interchangeability between a 50/50 and 60/40 Point of Impact. Higher profile #3 Sporting or #6 Monte Carlo stocks with adjustable combs are offered to further fit your shooting needs.

Perfect for Sporting Clays’ varied target presentations and catching Skeet targets right out of the house, the K-80 Pro Sporter is available through Authorized Krieghoff Dealers located nationwide. Visit for more information.


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