New Bowhunting Products, Part 8

Part 8 brings more cool gear for the hunting fanatic. Check out some of the stuff I stumbled upon on the ATA Show floor.

New Bowhunting Products, Part 8

New Archery ProductsNew Archery Products Apache

“Full-containment” and “drop-away” rests are dominating the archery scene these days, and some smart companies like New Archery Products are combining the two ingredients in the same rest—as in the new NAP Apache. The rugged all-metal design is easy to adjust without tools, and it’s also silent, with the help of its 360-degree sound-dampening pad that prevents your arrow from touching metal at any point in the draw cycle.

Website: New Archery Products

True Flight FeathersTrueflight Spiral Wrap Flu-Flu Fletching

What’s new in feather fletching? Trueflight’s cool Spiral Wrap Flu-Flu fletching should make it easy for anyone to experience the thrill of “aerial-target” archery. Flu-flu fletching dramatically slows arrow flight so you can easily find (yes, you will miss a few) arrows shot at either hand-thrown targets, or even at challenging game birds like pheasants…now there’s a serious challenge for you. Even better? Trueflight says that both stickbow and compound users can shoot its Flu-Flu fletchings effectively.

Website: Trueflight

Quest BowhuntingQuest Bowhunting Primal

The speedy (and just plain cool-looking) new Primal bow from Quest offers as an option the company’s new ultra-durable “GFade” DuraFuse finish, which makes use of a camo pattern for the limbs and extreme top/bottom of the riser, and a solid black finish sandwiched in the middle. Much more than just a pretty face, the Primal, which is also offered in solid black and an “all camo” Realtree AP HD finish, also offers impressive performance with its 80-percent-letoff Sync Twin-Track Modular Cam system.

Website: Quest Bowhunting

Gateway FeathersGateway Feathers 2-inch Rayzr

New from Gateway Feathers are two Hot Pink (barred and solid) color options for its popular, super-short 2-inch Rayzr fletching that’s designed for use with even the largest broadheads. Much more than just a “for the ladies” choice, many bowhunters believe hot pink is the easiest color to locate in the field, during those critical “after the shot” searches.

Website: Gateway Feathers


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