Drop-Away Rests for 2010

Modern arrow rest options can be summed up quickly by the terms "total containment" and "drop-away."
Drop-Away Rests for 2010

AAE/Cavalier Lightning Fall-Away Rest

aae cavalier lightningThe streamlined Lightning Fall-Away Rest features a deeply forked, bobble-proof Whale Tail launcher, and a unique magnetic system that eliminates the spring used on other drop-away designs. This increases drop speed for assured fletching clearance and easy tuning while also minimizing tension on the activation cord for greater tuning ease. It includes a built-in arrow holder for no-look shooting and is available in black or camouflage finish.

Price: $81

AAE/Cavalier (928-772-9887; www.arizonaarchery.com)

Alpine Archery WhisperFlite Rest

alpine archery whisper fliteThe WhisperFlite Rest includes a built-in, launcher-mounted arrow holder, independent windage and elevation adjustments, buss-cable or cable-slide activation, dual sealed ball bearings, and two self-adhesive silencing pads.

Price: $50

Alpine Archery (208-746-4117; www.alpinearchery.com)

Cobra Archery Diamondback Drop Away Rest

cobra diamondbackThe Diamondback Drop Away has stood the test of time, with solid metal construction, including the deeply forked launcher. It’s fully micro-adjustable for vane clearance, prong height, and spring tension with laser-etched tuning marks for faster setup. The activation cord is attached to the “down” bow cable and includes an adhesive-backed arrow holder to keep arrows in the ready position.

Price: $29

Cobra Archery (800-352-6272 www.cobraarchery.com)

G5 Outdoors Expert Pro Rest

G5 Expert ProThe G5 Outdoors Expert Pro’s advanced “reverse activation” uses the “upward” buss cable to provide extended arrow guidance for improved accuracy without fletching contact. This eliminates cable tension and potential torque at full draw, assuring top-notch accuracy and easier tuning. Easier setup and durable sealed ball-bearing function further set it apart; the grooved polymer rest-arm barrel and no metal-to-metal contact assure bowhunting stealth. It includes precise micro vertical and centershot adjustments. Colors include Durafuse Realtree AP, Lost Camo, or black.

Price: $120

G5 Outdoors (866-456-8836; www.g5outdoors.com)

Mathews Inc. Downforce Power Retract Arrow Rest

mathews downforce restThe DownForce Power Retract Arrow Rest includes a system unlike no other drop-away; the cord attaches to the lower half of the bowstring (not the cable) for maximum arrow guidance, while the “power-retract” mechanism pulls away up to five times faster than previous models to provide maximum fletching clearance and straighter, more-accurate arrow flight. All of this is wrapped around a Harmonic Damper mounting bracket for silent shooting.

Price: $130

Mathews Inc. (608-269-2728; www.mathewsinc.com)

Muzzy Zero Effect X-Celerator Arrow Rest

muzzy zero effectThe Muzzy Zero Effect X-Celerator is the latest incarnation of the original Zero Effect; it accommodates all compound designs (left- or right-handed) and installs in less than five minutes. The foolproof arrow-scooping rest arm and “drive-away” technology (sans strings and springs) makes them hugely dependable. An adjustable drop rate and rest travel assures the greatest degree of accuracy without equipment torque or drag—and ensures complete clearance of the largest, most aggressive fletching.

Price: $72

Muzzy Product (866-387-9307; www.muzzy.com)

New Archery Products Apache Arrow Rest

new archery productsThe NAP Apache is a smart drop-away design featuring “no-look” arrow security and simple, rugged, and reliable operation qualities. Tool-less windage and elevation adjustments make installment snappy, and rugged aluminum construction means it won’t fail under harsh treatment. The self-centering, felt-covered launcher is quiet and reliable and includes a sound-dampening capture feature. You simply drop your arrow into the containment “cage” and forget about it—with the increased accuracy and peace of mind of complete fletching clearance.

Price: $60

New Archery Products (708-488-2500; www.newarchery.com)

Octane Tripwire Arrow Rest

octane trip wireThe durable, all-metal Tripwire includes a triggered-rate drop, assuring arrows receive the support needed for top-notch accuracy while dropping at blinding speeds to assure that fletching passes cleanly. The rest can be drawn and let down while the deeply forked titanium launcher remains in the “up” position for a quieter draw and less arrow jump and movement. Its activation cord’s not coupled rigidly to the power cable, which means easier tuning and no erosion of accuracy. The launcher is over-molded with abrasion-resistant dampening material and includes an adhesive-backed launcher pad for further silence.

Price: $110

Octane (541-284-4711; www.fuelthehunt.com)

Sims Limbsaver Fall-Away Arrow Rest

limbsaver arrow restThe LimbSaver Fall-Away Arrow Rest comes with a sealed twin ball bearing system, two activation-cord attachment options, and deep forked metal launcher with added Teflon silencing pad. Featured is proven Navcom vibration- and noise-reducing technology in key areas as well as a Navcom arrow-positioning holder and launcher pad. Adjustment bolts are oversized for fast, secure setup.

Price: $100

Sims LimbSaver (360-427-6031; www.limbsaver.com)

Specialty Archery Bodoodle Pro Lite II

bodoodle pro lite 2The new Bodoodle Pro Lite II ($89) now includes more than an inch of elevation adjustment, plus laser-etched windage and elevation marks. The cradle supporting the twin .015- or .023-inch-thick steel Speed Fins pivots down and forward on release to provide increased fletching clearance. Launchers are covered in “Smoke Quiet” silencing tape; the spring-loaded inner fin compensates for irregular forces during launch.

Price: $89

Specialty Archery (712-580-5762; www.specialtyarch.com)

Trophy Taker SmackDown

trophy taker smack downThe Trophy Taker SmackDown sports all-metal construction and an unconditional lifetime warranty. The reverse-spring design includes a bearing-equipped launcher pivot, plus a launcher dampening system. Functioning by linking the launcher actuator to either the bottom limb or upward buss cable, the design prolongs arrow guidance for improved accuracy without introducing fletching contact. Offered with or without an arrow containment ring, it assures complete arrow control and impressive reliability.

Price: $110 to $130

Trophy Taker (406-826-0600; www.trophytaker.com)

Trophy Ridge Drop Slide

trophy ridge drop slideThe revolutionary Trophy Ridge DropZone design evolved into the newer Drop Slide, operating around a stainless steel re-circulating ball bearing slide, proving frictionless, super-quiet, highly accurate, and durable. Rubber dampeners mean no metal-to-metal launcher contact. A compact design offers maximum clearance beneath arrow quivers. Set-screw-locking launcher allows fast setup.

Price: $150

Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494; www.trophyridge.com)

VaporTrail Limb Driver Arrow Rest

vapor trail limb driverThe unique VaporTrail Limb Driver rest was the first to use an activation cord attached to the limb (instead of buss cables) to make setup faster, eliminate cable torque, and support the arrow up to 70 percent of its length on release without fletching contact for increased accuracy. The free-floating, spring-steel launcher fork (coated in polymer silencing material) absorbs initial arrow shock on release to further aid accuracy. It’s available in Pro Split Limb or Solid Limb Bow models, offers a new camouflage anodized finish, and comes in your choice of 17 activation-cord colors.

Price: $99

VaporTrail Archery (763-862-8870; www.vaportrailarchery.com)

Vital Gear BowDriver Arrow Rest

vital bow driverThe Vital Gear BowDriver arrow rest’s brand-new rest technology uses magnets to raise the deeply forked launcher instead of springs, making it smoother and quieter. The design means arrows remain on the launcher nearly 20 inches before the force of the buss cables forces the launcher from beneath the shaft with lightning speed. The activation cord attaches with a special clamp to the “up-going” cable (below the cable guard) or “down-going” cable above (with use of special rope guide). Included is a launcher-mounted, soft rubber arrow holder.

Price: $90

Vital Gear (859-253-1003; www.vitalgear.net)


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