Comanche Outfitters Kodiak 8GB SD Card

Comanche Outfitters Kodiak 8GB SD Card is the ultimate memory card, for the ultimate camera!
Comanche Outfitters Kodiak 8GB SD Card

Pair your Kodiak Series Camera with a Kodiak/Kingston 8GB SD Card for the ultimate wireless camera experience. These 8GB Class 10 SD cards are capable of saving ultra high-quality photos and videos at blazing fast speeds, meaning you won't miss a single frame of action. 8 gigabytes of space means that you can leave your camera out on the trail for months at a time and still find memory left to spare when you return.

Unlike cheap private label cards sold by other camera manufacturers, these cards are specifically manufactured for Kodiak cameras by Kingston Technologies, the global leader in flash memory technology. The inclusion of the Kingston logo on this card guarantees that they are of the same incredible level of quality that has defined Kingston for the last several decades.


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