ATA 2015: Canyon Coolers Offers New, Affordable Designs

Born of the raft guiding industry in the heat of the Grand Canyon, Canyon Coolers has updated its line to include a 22 quart cooler with a rifle sling, a 35 quart cooler and a new five gallon water cooler for a price well below competitors.
ATA 2015: Canyon Coolers Offers New, Affordable Designs

Flagstaff, Arizona-based Canyon Coolers builds high-quality coolers with foam injected double walls the company says will keep food and beverages ice cold in 100 degree heat for weeks.

New for this year is the Canyon Cooler 22, which is the perfect size for a day on the river or a trip to the game. The company also developed a tough 5 gallon water jug that'll keep water ice cold on the job site, and has launched a 35 quart cooler with new buckles, hinges and foam seals.

And the best part of the Canyon Cooler line is that you'll pay about $100 less than the competitors for the same quality ice chest.


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