New Bowhunting Gear 2011

Our recent trip to the 2011 ATA Show in Indianapolis uncovered plenty of neat new innovation.

New Bowhunting Gear 2011
bear archery

Jason Pickerill of Bear Archery shows off the completely revamped 2011 Bear Traditional Bow lineup...a line that has consistently won the Bowhunting World Readers' Choice award. Be sure to check out the new, vintage "green glass" models that celebrate the early days of Fred Bear's legendary bow company.

hunters safety system

An undeniable theme at this year's show was the influx of new products aimed specifically at women. A great example is the new Lady Pro Series safety harness (pictured) from Hunter Safety System, which also introduced the new Ultra Lite X-Treme vest that features camo and weighs only 32 ounces.

bowtech archery

One of the most impressive hunting bow introductions at the Show was BowTech's neat new flagship, the aptly named Invasion, which was unveiled to literally hundreds of attendees who had gathered at the BowTech booth in excited expectation. The Invasion boasts an IBO speed of 343 fps at a brace height of 7 inches, and axle-to-axle length of 31 1/4 inches. Also check out the hot new Assassin, which comes as a package with a sight, rest, quiver, stabilizer, sling, loop, and peep, at a suggested retail of $599.

primos game calls

Over the years Primos gear has been a solid favorite of Bowhunting World readers, and it showed this year yet again. Bigtime. At the Show we presented Will Primos (center) and company with an amazing FIVE 2011 Readers' Choice awards, covering Deer, Turkey, and Elk calls, as well as for Primos/Double Bull blinds, and outstanding Bowhunting Video. When it comes to building gear and communicating the total bowhunting experience, Primos is an undeniable bar-setter.

hha optimizer bow sight

Chris Hamm of HHA Sports shows off one of the hottest moveable sights on the market, the Optimizer Lite Ultra. This lightweight 10-ounce sight features finger-tip adjustability and includes a Mathews Harmonic Damper in the sight bar. It's available with a 1 5/8-inch aperture and five feet of .029, .019, or .010 fiber optic for incredible low-light performance, even without the optional sight kit.

rinehart 3d targets

Rinehart Target owners Barbara and James McGovern show off some of their award-winning lineup that includes the new Woodland Buck ($159)and RhinoBlock XL, all made with the company's unique foam that is both incredibly durable and easy-pulling, and can be shot with your choice of fixed and mechanical broadheads, or field points. Take it from us, wearing these targets out is almost impossible.

ameristep carnivore blind

As is typical, Michigan-based gear innovator Ameristep had plenty of new products including this smart Carnivore ground blind—featuring a durable poly-cotton blend outer shell that reduces noise and sheen, as well as a dual magnetic window system, and ground skirt that helps keep elements and light out. More new Ameristep models feature a scent-adsorbing carbon lining; see them all at

tree spider safety harness

Easily one of the best-looking booths at the Show (complete with a ginormous metal spider), Robinson Outdoors hit an undisputed home run with the intro of its new and unique Tree Spider lineup of treestand safety products. Here Kyle Wills shows off the Tree Spider Speed Harness, which can be worn alone, or clipped into specific ScentBlocker outwear, and also accessories that include the Spider Monkey Backpack. A very cool system.

spott hogg bow sight

Bowhunting World's Mark Melotik (left) presented a 2011 BW Readers' Choice Award to Josh Johnson of Spot-Hogg, which took home honors for its innovative, ultra-rugged line fixed bowsights, which features smart models like the aptly named BulletProof. If you're big on durability (and who isn't?) check out the complete lineup of sights, rests, releases and more at

muddy outdoors tree stand

Mobile treestanding bowhunters everywhere need to check out the neat, lightweight-and-functional lineup from Muddy Outdoors. Here Muddy's Larry Kendall shows off the company's incredibly lightweight and compact climbing sticks, and a new hang-on that makes use of the same ultralight, ultra-quiet dual cinch-rope attachment, which eliminates noisy buckles and is rated to 3,000 pounds. See the entire lineup at

scent killer mash

New from respected scent and lure maker Wildlife Research Center is its "Mash" series of attractant sprays all whitetail bowhunters should know about. Choose from Buck Mash, Acorn Mash, Apple Mash, and Corn Mash, all aimed at luring more whitetails and other game to your favorite stand setups. Also, predator hunting is still going strong, and a great mid-winter challenge with bow gear...or any gear. Increase your odds for success with help from the company's new Coyote Juice and Paws & Claws scents. See them all at

first lite wool clothing

Kenton Carruth of First Lite shows off some of his company's unique camo merino wool apparel line. Merino wool is not only warm and silent, it also prevents odor that can be especially handy during long backcountry hunts...and is smart business for bowhunters anytime, anywhere. Check out the complete First Lite line, including the new Kanab pants and Red Desert boxers, at

schaffer archery

Bowhunting World's Mark Melotik (left) looks on as John Schaffer of Schaffer Archery performs one of the most-impressive demonstrations seen at this year's Show. In a nutshell, Schaffer is showing off the incredible tunability of his Schaffer Opposition full-containment arrow rest, by shooting four "perfect bullet holes" through a paper tuner. Here's the amazingly cool part: Each of Schaffer's four shots is with a Different-Spined Arrow! The incredibly forgiving rest design allows each arrow (with spines of .500, .400, .340, and .300) to tune up almost instantly. See more on this amazing rest at

elite archery

What are some of the sweetest-shooting hunting bows we found at the Show? Solidly among the "Top Tier" was the completely revamped line from Elite Archery, including the Hunter and the Pure models shown off here by Elite's Garret Armstrong. These amazing bows, including the new Pulse and Tour, come in a wide variety of amazing finishes including eye-catching Realtree AP Snow, Realtree Max-1, and Realtree AP, as well as all-black and black riser/camo limb combinations. Man, if you think some of today's bows draw too harshly, you've really got to try shooting the new Hunter. Incredible.

tree stand buddy

Want to hunt more safely and efficiently with your fixed-positioned treestand? Buy a few Tree Stand Buddy systems. This unique universal treestand bracket system saves you money because it allows you to have several treestand sites, using just one treestand. Once one half of the two-part system is permanently afixed to your stand, you simply mount the affordable receiver brackets at several prime sites, and in just minutes you can quickly and safely change locales. Plus, this ultra-sturdy system virtually eliminates treestand wobble and tedious, dangerous attachment hassles.

archers choice media

What's the best bowhunting TV show? For 2011 Bowhunting World readers said the talented Archer's Choice team is responsible, led by the always-entertaining, well-traveled husband-and-wife duo of Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo. This category is one of the most hotly contested in our yearly poll, and this win is a testament to all the hard work and long hours put in by the dedicated AC team. Congrats! From left: Ralph, Bowhunting World's Lee Hetherington, Vicki, and AC's Joe Rush.

realtree ata show

Bowhunting World's Derrick Nawrocki, left, presents Realtree's Ray Lynch with a Bowhunting World 2011 Readers' Choice award for Camo Pattern, with readers submitting plenty of votes for the ultra-versatile Realtree AP, as well as the western-inspired Max-1, and more. Still another great pattern is AP Snow, which many of you will be donning this weekend in your quest for late-season big game and wily predators alike.

hunters specialties ata show

Bowhunting World's Lee Hetherington, left, presents Carmen Forbes of Hunter's Specialties with a Bowhunting World 2011 Readers' Choice award for Scent Eliminator. The extensive H.S. Scent-A-Way lineup has long been lauded by our readers, and the line has expanded recently to include Scent-A-Way Tek 4 apparel. A great complement to the sprays and detergents, Tek 4 garments utilize state-of-the-art silver thread technology to permanently control odor caused by bacteria, while using 33 percent more silver than other available silver-based garments. Another cool fact? The odor eliminating properties last for the life of the garment.

lone wolf treestands

Lone Wolf Portable Treestands, which garnered a Bowhunting World 2011 Readers' Choice award in the Fixed Treestand category, made a splash at the Show by announcing production of its entire line of treestands has returned to the United States for 2011. "No one builds them like we can here," said Jared Schlipf, at left, co-owner and President of Lone Wolf Treestands. All Lone Wolf stand platforms have undergone a complete redesign for the new year, and the show also saw the unveiling of a new ultra-light (14 pounds!) climbing stand.

true flight ata show

Stump shooting and aerial target archery is great fun and gaining in popularity, and no company knows this more than Trueflight, which continues to offer some very unique Spiral-cut Flu-Flu fletching that effectively puts the brakes on arrows shot into the air. For more info on how to fletch your own flu-flu arrows, and for directions on how to make your own aerial target launcher, go to

pillar promotional

Many of you will be participating in indoor archery leagues this winter, and some of you will take home trophies and other "custom gear" for your efforts. Where does an archery pro shop find archery-specific trophies and other custom logo wear, as well as pens, knives, and plenty of other doo-dads designed to promote the shop in question? Pillar Promotional Products, a new company, was established to help stock archery retailers with just this sort of thing, plenty of which can be found in the company's expansive 24-page catalog. For more info call (608) 757-8153.

brunton ata show

Easily one of the most-progressive companies seen at the Show was Brunton, which is now under new management and arrived packing a trailerload of neat new innovation aimed at backcountry hunters everywhere. You've got to check out the company's versatile lineup of easily packable solar chargers (shown here by Brunton's Dani Schafer) as well as its complete lineup of premium optics (check out the Icon line) and navigation (compasses and the neat new Get Back GPS). Cutting-edge camping gear can now be found at Brunton's sister company, Primus. Check it all out at

pse archery

Easily one of the hottest bows at the Show, PSE's new X-Force Dream Season EVO (shown here by PSE's Jon Shepley) offers up some serious speed at 345 fps, but with an incredibly smooth draw and feel that you've got to experience to believe. We did, and do. Unlike most other risers that flex side to side, the unique new Planar Flex Riser flexes back to front, greatly enhancing accuracy. The bow measures 32.5 inches axle to axle, with a 6-inch brace height. Check it out at PSE's helpful, cutting-edge website:

plano archery ata show

Crossbows and accessories are experiencing a true revolution in innovation, and one of the best examples seen at the Show is the new Manta Crossbow Case from bow case specialist Plano. This rugged yet affordable design has been engineered to fit virtually every crossbow on the market, helped along by a very cool extendible, retractable "tail" section that is nothing short of genius. So your case is never any bigger than it has to be.

alpen optics

The new Radical Hunter Series of optics from Alpen Optics celebrate the company's new partnership with renowned bear and whitetail hunter Dick Scorzafava (left). Included is the new Apex 494 10x42 Binocular, which offer BAK4 glass that is fully multi-coated, including a PXA phase coating for clear, bright images with superior resolution and color fidelity. They're also waterproof (sealed and nitrogen filled) and offer lightweight, ergonomic styling with a popular roof prism design. Better yet They come with Alpen's lifetime warranty.

trophy ridge ata show

Trophy Ridge took home a Bowhunting World 2011 Readers' Choice Award for its near-foolproof Whisker Biscuit that is a proven producer for many of you. But that doesn't stop this company from innovating. Not a chance. One of the coolest rests at the Show was the company's new Revolution, which offers a whole new take on a full-containment, drop-away design that is not only cutting-edge, but very affordable as well. It's a rare combination that all bowhunters need to check out. Find out more at

hoyt archery ata show

Most of you know that Hoyt's new Carbon Riser bows are ground-breaking-incredible for many reasons, including their unusual combination of light weight, serious strength, and ability to absorb virtually all shock at the shot. We shot Hoyt's new Carbon Element and CRX bows at the Show and were amazed. Still are, in fact. Add another attribute: World-Record taking. We watched as Hoyt's Jeremy Eldridge, left, was presented with a replica of the new SCI World Record European Roe Buck, taken by Max Hunt. The 60-inch trophy is expected to crush the current record of 49 SCI points. Congrats to both Max, and Hoyt. Read more at

magnus broadheads

Turkey season will be here before you know it...a great time to try one of the coolest turkey broadheads on the planet, the Bullhead from broadhead specialist Magnus. If you haven't seen this head, it's designed for the most lethal shot in turkey hunting...the head shot. More turkey and blind hunting innovation from Magnus is its new Ground Swat Tactical line of camo apparel. What's especially cool is the Eclipse line (jacket, long sleeve T and face mask) reverses from good-looking Ground Swat camo to solid black...ideal for use inside blinds.

carry lite decoys

Mike Mattly of Carry-Lite shows off one of the hottest concepts in deer decoys to come around in a while. The new Carry-Lite EZ Buck HD improves on standard decoys with an incredibly realistic "skin" created using high-definition technology. The "skin" is made from customized fade-resistant fabric that conforms to the realistic contours of the EZ-Buck HD's body. The decoy comes complete with removable antlers, realistic tail, stakes and bag. All parts fit inside the body cavity for easy transport.

winners choice ata show

Looking for a high-performance aftermarket bowstring? Some of the very best hail from Winner's Choice, which took home a Bowhunting World 2011 Readers' Choice Award. Here Bowhunting World's Jared Pfeifer (right) presents the award to Mike Slinkard (center) and company at the Winner's Choice booth. Using a proprietary weatherproofing process, the company makes strings and cables (that are guaranteed against serving separation and peep rotation) for virtually every modern bow made, in a wide variety of custom colors.

vapor trail archery

Don't let that crazy stare fool you-VaporTrail President Jarrod Fondie, an award-winning pro shooter, is also one of the industry's most-talented gear designers, as evidenced by his company's unique and proven Limb Driver rest, and complete lineup of custom bowstrings and cables. Brand new for 2011 is the Limb Driver ProV rest, which uses the same limb-activated drop-away system as the original Limb Driver, but also offers a whole new launcher concept as well as full-capture security. A very cool rest. For more go to

hunter safety system

Hunter Safety System has always been a true leader in the field of treestand safety, and its 2011 offerings are no exception. A great example is the new HSS Ultra Lite X-Treme harness, which offers the same popular design as the proven Ultra Lite introduced in 2010, with some added features. David Langston of HSS shows off the new harness that adds a Realtree APG camouflage finish, and new built-in, adjustable bino/rangefinder straps conveniently located near the shoulder/chest area. Another change is that the loops for attaching a lineman's climbing strap have been moved closer to the front of the harness for easier use. See all the new HSS stuff at

cobra archery

Cobra's Ted McClendon shows off his company's newest release, the compact and very affordable Serpent (about $60), which is available in several models all bowhunters need to check out. The Serpent EZ-Adjust comes with a forward-mounted adjustable trigger (to increase draw and arrow speed) and either a leather or Realtree camo strap. The "thin tip" dual caliper jaw head rotates 360 degrees, ideal for use with string loops and short bows.

s4 gear chair

One of coolest new hunting chairs seen at the show is the Freestyle720 from accessories specialist S4 Gear. The Freestyle720, shown off here by Katherine Rice in a simulated ground blind scenario, offers a large footprint/tripod design with a very unique cantilevered seat that allows the hunter the silent mobility to efficiently and effectively traverse from blind window to window and make the shot-with proper form-from any angle while remaining in a seated position. This sweet design features 6061T6 aluminum and reinforced polymer construction, with full deployment in less than 20 seconds. An optional seat back is also available. Overall, some very smart "outside the box" thinking. For more go to

gorilla treestands

Who makes some of the very best fixed treestands in the biz? Bowhunting World readers say that the innovators at Gorilla are definitely doing it right. Here Bowhunting World's Jared Pfeifer (right) presents a Bowhunting World 2011 Readers' Choice award to Gorilla's Lennie Rezmer, at the Gorilla booth we found packed with dealers looking to check out the latest and greatest...innovation that included the new Pro Series King Kong Expedition HX Hang-On stand, and the Gorilla G-15 E.A.S. (Energy Absorbing System) treestand safety harness.

code blue scents

Smart odor-eliminating technology has come a long way in recent years. A prime example? The well-rounded EliminX lineup from scent specialist Code Blue, which features "next generation" technology for 2011: EliminX Silver-Zyme that contains nano silver particles combined with odor eliminator enzymes. Combine this cutting-edge technology with Code Blue's helpful 360-degree spray bottle (left), which produces a steady stream of spray when held at ANY angle (even upside down!), and you have one of the handiest bowhunting accessories around.

moultrie feeders

Moultrie Game Cameras have consistently been lauded for their cutting-edge features, but for 2011 they've kicked it up a notch. Here Moultrie's Beth Lauderdale shows off one of the company's new "mini cams," the Game Spy M-100 infrared camera that offers several cool features: Widescreen pictures and videos, a new Illumi-Night sensor, Plot Stalker time-lapse mode battery-life calculator, and up to one-year battery life-all in a unit smaller than your hand. The similar M-80 camera offers 5.0 Megapixels, while the M-100 delivers 6.0 megapixel resolution. Both models also record video with sound. Users can choose picture delays ranging from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. Moon phase, temperature, time, date, and camera ID are stamped on each picture. An SD card slot accepts up to a 32GB SD card.

badland packs

Bill Crawley of Badlands was all smiles after being presented a Bowhunting World 2011 Readers' Choice Award for Backpack/Fannypack. Another reason for Crawley's smile? The warm Show reception for Badlands' all-new line of performance camo clothing, a line the company is calling its Bio-Thermic System that features Base, Mid, and Outer layers-all designed to keep you dry, and work with your body's own ability to generate heat. Throw in legendary Badlands quality and dedicated customers will likely also be smiling.

prois clothing

This year's Show featured a serious influx of top-quality bowhunting gear designed for women, and nowhere was it more prominent than in the Prois Hunting Apparel booth...this lineup is women-only, top to bottom. Also at the booth, Prois CEO Kirstie Pike (with microphone) introduced the winner of the Prois Extreme Huntress contest, Angie Haas-Tennison (in blue plaid shirt) of Kalispell, Montana. An avid elk bowhunter, Haas-Tennison will be heading to the woods in 2011 with some of the latest Prois gear, including the new Pro-Edition Softshell line featuring Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo. Haas-Tennison's total prize package valued at $15,000 also includes a three-species hunt in New Zealand.

easton archery

Who makes the best hunting arrows around? Bowhunting World readers said their pick for 2011 in both the aluminum and carbon categories is arrow juggernaut Easton. Here Bowhunting World's Derrick Nawrocki presents Easton's Gary Cornum with the Readers' Choice awards, at the Easton booth we found packed with dealers checking out several new models that included the Full Metal Jacket with a new "N-Fused" carbon core for more power and deeper penetration, and the Full Metal Jacket Crossbow bolt, designed to work with a heavy brass insert that boosts kinetic energy and front-of-center balance.

g5 archery

The G5 Outdoors booth was buzzing throughout the show for plenty of reasons, which included its hot new Mag-Loc Halo magnetic quivers, its Quest line of bows led by the new REV bow, and its all-new Prime line of premium bows led by the new Centroid and Shift bows that make use of Parallel Cam Technology, which balances the load equally on each side of the cable, virtually eliminating cam lean. The result? Increased shot-to-shot consistency and better down range accuracy. A very neat design. Company President Louis Grace (center) also took time to accept a Bowhunting World 2011 Readers' Choice Award for Peep Sight, anchored with help from the distinctive blue G5 Meta Peep line. Presenting were Bowhunting World's Jared Pfeifer, left, and this reporter.;;

gateway feathers

Feather fletching specialist Gateway Feathers was on hand to show off its wide and colorful selection of proven, ultra-lightweight natural fletching, including its 2-inch Rayzrs...what Gateway is calling "The First Modern Feather For Modern Bowhunters," which come in a wide variety of colors including barred, solids, and Gateway's distinctive "Tre" camo colors. Also new is the company's G1 Glue, a "no-drip" formula that bonds in seconds. Here Bowhunting World's Jared Pfeifer (right) presents a Bowhunting World 2011 Readers' Choice award to Todd Vaaler (left) and company at the Gateway booth. Check'em out at

copper john sights

Are all target releases the same? Hardly. You'll find several neat new "custom tuning" concepts for 2011 in the well-respected Stanislawski (Stan) release line from Copper John, as well as several new CJ sights that demonstrate many of the same rugged, reliable, and affordable attributes bowhunters have come to expect from Copper John. Here CJ's Eric Springer talks Stan releases with an interested shop owner. Check out these smart lines at and


We're always excited to check out the new products from LimbSaver, which won a Bowhunting World 2011 Readers' Choice Award for its popular stabilizers. Here Bowhunting World's Mark Melotik (left) presents LimbSaver Founder Steve Sims with the award at the LimbSaver booth, shortly before checking out the company's many new 2011 products. Among them are the neat-looking Windjammer Stabilizer, which features a universal front-rear balancing system designed to rotate 360 degrees in either direction, for optimum balance tuning. More innovation comes in the 3.5-inch Mini X-Coil Stabilizer (weight is 3.5 ounces), and a complete, 7-piece Crossbow Silencing Kit. Check these out (and more) at

scent blocker clothing

Did we mention that gear aimed at women was an undeniable trend throughout the 2011 Show? We did, and here's more proof: The well-rounded, great-looking Sola line from ScentBlocker/Robinson Outdoors, some of which you see here shown off by a few members of the ScentBlocker/Sola booth team. From base layers to middle insulation to cutting-edge outerwear, this line offers the fit and features female bowhunters everywhere need to check out.


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