Archery Releases for 2011

This innovative new crop proves 2011 is much more than a typical “fine-tuning” year.
Archery Releases for 2011

Glove Style Releases

goat tuff equalizer release

Goat Tuff Product

Though not a true glove-style release, Goat Tuff Products’ (520-742-1701; new EQUALIZER Release ($199) doesn’t fit perfectly in any group. This is often the case with potentially revolutionary products. Though the exaggerated length of the palm area of the wrist strap makes one initially question whether it’s a wrist- or glove-style release, the real game changer is that it can extend draw length by 1 to 3 inches, while maintaining the same anchor point! This allows archers to comfortably shoot longer draw lengths, increasing bow speed and efficiency without having to increase draw weight. That is significant.

The extended draw length is achieved through a creative release head design. It starts with the head being attached by a very short rope near the base of the wrist strap. Unlike other releases, it’s the hook that comes next on the oversized release head. This size exaggeration is a product of the plunger-style release trigger being set at the end of the head, which houses stainless steel internal mechanisms. Furthermore, the release is even reported to enhance the straight line dynamics of hand, wrist, arm, and trigger. The result is potentially the most groundbreaking release on the market today.

winn archery releases

Winn Archery

Switching to a pure glove-style release, Winn Archery (269-637-2658; still continues to offer its “Big Three.” The C-10 ($70), as with Winn’s other releases, uses a Free Flight glove that’s designed to make a 65-pound draw pull like only 50 pounds. It also follows the design of keeping the head in tight to the shooter’s hand to increase draw length for greater speed and energy.

Like the C-10, the Loop Hook Mechanism ($70) comes with a long, gun-style trigger. The difference from the C-10 can be seen in how it attaches to the string. As opposed to clicking the head to the string, enclosing it in the release, the Loop Hook Mechanism is open-sided for easy loop attachment. Lastly, the SS Caliper ($80) is designed for those who like the fast, smooth action of a rolling caliper-style release trigger.

T-Handle Releases

scott archery longhorn

Scott Archery

Scott Archery’s (606-663-2734; Longhorn Hex ($145) is also a hybrid release of sorts. Touted as a breakthrough in back tension release design, the modified T-handle-type release body is attached to a more standard wrist strap via a rope. As evident by its popularity with tournament shooters, back tension releases offer advantages in accuracy. However, the fear of premature misfiring and the overall foreign nature to many strap-style-shooting bowhunters are two of the primary reasons not many use them in hunting situations. The wrist strap helps bridge that comfort gap.

Next, with ergonomic finger positioning, and Scott’s patented micro-adjustable RCS system, the design also allows worry-free shooting of a back tension release without the need for safety systems to avoid premature misfiring and face punches. Then, add in a torque-free, pivoting roller design for smooth shot execution. Finally, the micro-adjust bracket system, draw optimizing hook with auto-locking band, and bracket stop for quick loading rounds make it as much at home on the range as in the woods.

stan archery prodects morex

STAN Archery Products

STAN Archery Products (315-258-9269; is also bridging the gap between strap and back tension shooters. Its new MOREX Black Jack ($150) release offers the patent-pending Trainer Lock technology, allowing for worry-free practice before attempting the first shot. Once the shooter is comfortable with the release, the 60 Rockwell hardened, enhanced 440C stainless steel hinge-based sear can be micro-adjusted from an ultralight to heavy setting. Impressively, STAN promises a smooth shot even on the heaviest setting.

carter enterprises plain simple

Carter Enterprises

The Simple 1 ($205) is one of two new releases by Carter Enterprises (208-624-3467; Named for its ability to push in on the cocking lever to close the jaw and cock it in one smooth motion around your D-loop, it features Carter’s thumb trigger sear design with easy one-screw travel adjustment. This three-finger design also offers Carter’s Interchangeable Tension Adjustment system for easy trigger tension changes. Finally, its shorter head design helps add speed and efficiency, enhancing draw length.

Carter’s other new release is The Plain 1 ($205). Also offering a shorter head, this is a four-finger thumb trigger release offers the same cocking lever design for smooth loading. Again, the proven sear design gives an exceptional trigger for increased accuracy.

tru ball max hunter release

T.R.U. Ball

T.R.U. Ball’s (434-929-2800; Max Hunter 3 ($185) is a compact, one-piece, three-finger, dual-caliper jaw design. With its jaws, trigger, and handle constructed of CNC-aircraft aluminum, the 360-degree rotating head is shortened to increase draw length. The thumb pin is attached to the side of the handle for shortened trigger pull. It offers a sensitivity adjustment screw and a push to release design. The four-finger Max Pro 4 ($100) offers the same features and is equipped with a more traditional, large knurled thumb trigger. As with all T.R.U. Ball releases, it is made in the USA.

hot shot stan potts release

Hot Shot Manufacturing

The Stan Potts Series ($197) is the new three-finger release from Hot Shot Manufacturing (800-551-3076; The case is composed of 6061 aluminum, with the internal mechanism consisting of hardened steel, bathed in Hot Shot’s proprietary coating. Claimed to be an ultra-crisp release with no trigger travel or creep, a single-screw adjustment is used for trigger travel and trigger tension. Add in multiple axis thumb post that allows boundless projection, tilt, and distance adjustments, and this thumb-triggered release can be tailored for any hand size or shooting style.

Strap-Style Releases

hot shot infinity release

Hot Shot Manufacturing

Hot Shot Manufacturing (800-551-3076; is also offering its new Infinity Series ($60) release. Equipped with buckle or Velcro strap, it’s composed of 6061 aluminum, with the internal mechanism consisting of hardened steel, utilizing Hot Shot’s proprietary coating. It utilizes a Lever-Link trigger that replaces traditional roller bearings and ensures less trigger creep for a crisp shot and precise trigger pull. Finally, the tethered release strap is made with improved soft-leather wrist straps and comes available with either buckle or Velcro closures for an exact fit.

spot hogg wiseguy release

Spot Hogg Archery Products

The Wiseguy ($109) is Spot Hogg Archery Products’ (541-995-3702; attempt at combining the benefits of target release aid precision and adjustment with the added security of a wrist strap. Claiming the lightest trigger setting of any release of its kind, the nylon connection strap features extensive adjustment and a comfortable fit. It has a self-reloading open hook design, offering easy hookups with a D-loop.

scott archery

Scott Archery

Scott Archery (606-663-2734; has two new wrist-style releases. The Silverhorn ($80) is a spring-loaded hook offering a new forward, knurled trigger to maximize draw length. With a five-hole length adjustment or NCS connection system, the wide roller-sear creates the smooth trigger pull.

The Sabertooth ($85) is a dual-caliper jaw design with improved jaw radius. It offers a nine-hole length adjustment and a forward, knurled trigger to maximize draw length. The target for this release was maximum shooting performance for today’s high-speed bows.

cajun archery infinity

Cajun Archery

The Infinity ($60) is Cajun Archery’s (800-551-3076; single-jaw release. Its leather wrist strap ends close into a buckle similar to belt buckle. Cajun’s Lever-Link trigger mechanism replaces traditional ball bearings to help ensure crisp shots. A hex key is included to adjust the single set screw that controls the range of precise selections between hair and long trigger pull.

tru fire max hunter


Tru-Fire’s (920-923-6866; Hardcore series contains three new hook releases that all share a self-centering knuckle located behind the main body, which helps eliminate side torque. The body pivots left or right for a total of 20 degrees to compensate for varying anchor point positions. The solid steel jaw closes when you depress the trigger, and trigger pressure can be set to as little as 4 ounces. The entire line is guaranteed not to slip off of loops.

As the name implies, The Buckle Foldback ($100) uses a camo leather buckle foldback strap. It offers over an inch of length adjustment. The Buckle Web ($89) uses a strap to connect the release head to the wrist strap, and Velcro to adjust strap tightness. The overly thick wrist strap of the Hybrid Foldback ($100) is due to the hybrid buckle-and-Velcro strap, allowing for any tightness desired to be consistently achieved by marking the strap.

timney archery release

Timney Triggers

Coming with firearms expertise, Timney Triggers (602-274-2999; has entered the bowhunting world with its Timney Archery Trigger ($90). After building a range, Timney began manufacturing and testing different ideas. The end result features an innovative Length of Pull Adjustment System that allows the shooter 1.75 inches of adjustment by using quarter-inch ball increments. The jaws and trigger are constructed of heat-treated steel and are housed in 6061 T6 alloy, designed for a lifetime in the field. This design is offered in both a dual caliper and a hook. .

jim fletcher insider release

Jim Fletcher Archery

Jim Fletcher Archery’s (760-379-2589; loop-only Insider ($75) release resets after the shot and features a roller system for smooth performance with no trigger travel. The forward trigger helps gain back lost draw length when using the loop. The hook is specifically designed to release the loop cleanly, resulting in a consistent, smooth shot. The trigger is infinitely adjustable from heavy to hair trigger, and the hook is easily attached to the loop. It’s available with a leather buckle strap or nylon strap with Velcro closure and is anodized bronze.

cobra mamba r2 ez adjust

Cobra Manufacturing Company

The Mamba R2 E-Z Adjust ($43) is one of 3 new releases from Cobra Manufacturing Company (800-352-6272; This dual-caliper design is Cobra’s smaller, more compact model. As with the following release, it offers Cobra’s E-Z Adjust module that rotates 360 degrees to eliminate bowstring torque and provides custom length adjustment.

cobra serpent ez adjust

The Serpent E-Z Adjust ($54) offers a thicker weight-balanced trigger for better control and feel. Its thin-tipped, precision-machined dual-caliper release jaw is specifically designed for string loop shooters and short-axle bows. It has bronze anodize on the release head, with a forward-mounted, fully adjustable trigger to increase draw length.

cobra serpent all adjust

Finally, the Serpent All Adjust ($54) also offers the thicker weight-balanced trigger, thin-tip dual-caliper jaws, and bronze anodize on release head, as well as the forward-mounted, fully adjustable trigger to increase draw length. It differs by providing even more adjustments, including precise length adjustment via the strap head attachment.

tru ball outlaw

T.R.U. Ball

T.R.U. Ball (434-929-2800; has three new dual-jawed, strap-style releases for 2011. The compact Outlaw ($30) comes in at an amazingly low price point. With the jaws and trigger made of CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum, the head connects to the wrist strap by rope, which helps fight torque. The string connection also allows the head to be tucked in one’s sleeve while climbing.

tru ball bandit release

Also at an attractively low price point and using a rope connection, the Bandit ($35) employs flexible rubber tubing over the rope to keep the head relatively in place. With the ability to tuck the release when climbing, it’s equipped with T.R.U. Ball’s new SpeedBuckle for swift attachment and detachment.

tru ball assassin

The top-end Assassin ($75) is a small-sized caliper that includes T.R.U. Ball’s Drop-Away Solid Rod Globo-Swivel connection with Draw Length adjustment. It comes available with a black or camo anodized head, with a camo Velcro strap, a black buckle strap, or with the new Speed Buckle connection. All three releases use T.R.U. Ball’s Assassin-style trigger with back-tension for increased accuracy.


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