ElimiShield — A Clinical Approach to Scent Elimination

To avoid detection, bowhunters should do everything possible to reduce or eliminate human odor. One product, ElimiShield, claims to do just that.

ElimiShield — A Clinical Approach to Scent Elimination

Visiting with Tommy Lancaster of Bryson Industries opened my eyes to a fresh approach to scent elimination for bowhunters. ElimiShield operates under the Bryson umbrella and produces odor-control products for multiple fields.

“The base molecule in ElimiShield products was originally designed to prevent growth of mold, mildew and fungus in hospitals and clinical environments,” Lancaster shared. “Fundamentally, it’s a coating that inhibits bacterial odor for hours at the cellular level. We’re hunters, so we naturally realized this same product would prove effective for odor control in hunting applications. So, we removed the fragrances and scents and brought it to the hunting market.”

How ElimiShield is Different

While ElimiShield Hunt offers multiple scent-eliminating products for hunters, most notable is the CORE Body Foam — the first and only FDA-compliant scent-control product. Most bacteria-killing foams and solutions use alcohol, but alcohol is merely a short-term solution to killing bacteria since its effectiveness fades when it evaporates. Plus, it can be hard on your skin. 

ElimiShield CORE Body Foam
ElimiShield CORE Body Foam is safe to apply directly to your skin.

“Hunters need all-day odor protection as we hike or sit in stands,” Lancaster said. “CORE Body Foam is a direct-to-skin product with Benzalkonium chloride (BZK) being the active ingredient. The BZK, along with the ElimiShield chain of molecules, bonds to your skin, thus creating a shield against bacteria and eliminating odors for hours.

“Direct-to-skin application makes CORE Body Foam unique from other scent-eliminating products,” Lancaster continued. “Since the conception of scent elimination, most products have been designed around a field-spray application. CORE body foam treats the skin directly, creating a bond or coating to make your skin an uninhabitable surface for bacteria to form and survive, thus keeping you odor-free during your hunt.” 

ElimiShield Hunt also offers laundry detergent, hair-and-body wash and scent-elimination spray in addition to CORE Body foam. 

For more information, visit www.elimishieldhunt.com.

ElimiShield offers a wide variety of products designed to fool a big game animal's nose.


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