7 Cutting-Edge Field-Dressing Kits

Once your game is down and your tag is notched, the real work begins. These field-dressing kits are designed to help with that chore.

7 Cutting-Edge Field-Dressing Kits

Just a century or so ago, venison was a dietary staple for many throughout the U.S. For millennia before that, hunting and gathering was essentially the primary method of obtaining food. Of course, time is a compromise for most of us in our modern, largely industrial civilization. Fortunately, side benefits to living in the here and now are technology and innovation, but at the same time, the hunting skillset seems to erode little by little, generation after generation, and with it, our numbers.

As hunters, one of our most important tasks is field dressing. Proper (or improper) game care in the field certainly plays a part in our overall health, as well as the flavor and texture of the meat and, unfortunately, lack of knowledge and/or skill in this area has driven more than a few from our ranks. Having the right tools for the job is paramount to efficiently harvesting wild game for the dinner table. These kits fit the bill.

Camo Case Caliber XX-Changer

When it comes to legacies, brand recognition and field dressing, the Camo Case Caliber XX-Changer, complete with a ballistic nylon sheath, seems like a must-have knife system. After all, Case’s legacy for handcrafting heirloom-quality knives is the result of generational fit, form, function and jaw-dropping aesthetics. My own Pop’s collection, including a hunting knife previously owned by my grandfather, is a great example of Case’s legacy-driven reputation. Heck, throughout my childhood, Pop routinely quipped, “You should always carry a good knife.” with a Case in his hand.  

I’m certainly not alone in my appreciation for Case knives or the reputation they’ve established over the past 130 years — they make phenomenal knives. So, when it comes to hunting and processing meat in the field, a lone hunting knife aside, it’s great to see Case step up with a system that not only holds fast to the traditional Case look and feel, but warms up to new-age innovation, too.

Perfectly suited to handle field-processing tasks on everything from crappie to bull moose, the Camo Case Caliber XX-Changer is a lightweight 5-inch folder composed of a single synthetic camouflaged handle and four Tru-Sharp surgical stainless steel interchangeable blades — drop point, clip, fillet, boning and bone saw. The tip of the bone saw can even be used as a screwdriver. The Camo Case Caliber XX-Changer field dressing kit includes a ballistic nylon sheath with individual blade pockets.

Havalon Talon Hunt Knife Set

Touted by countless hunting blade aficionados as the sharpest blades on the market, Havalon Knives has grown rapidly since coming to light in 2005. Born of Havel’s scalpel-sharp offerings in the 1980s, ultra-popular with taxidermists, Havalon’s brand launch was the result of catering specifically to outdoor enthusiasts looking for next top-shelf cutting tools. Jumping to Havalon’s current position, the company is a true leader in hunting knife performance, especially with respect to the Talon Hunt kit and the company’s new Quick-Change II Interchangeable Cutlery System.

While the Talon Hunt is specifically designed for field dressing and meat processing, Havalon does offer Talon kits for other activities and all blades are compatible with all Talon kit handle sets. With the Quick Change II system, blades are changed with the press of a button and the back panel is removable for easy cleaning — a feature I love!

The Talon Hunt Kit comes with two 3.5-inch gut hook combo blades, a 5-inch fillet blaze, a 3.5-inch semi-serrated bone saw blade, two rubber-molded and slip-resistant handles and a compact nylon roll pack designed for easy carry.

Hunting Made Easy (HME) Three-Piece Field Kit

Not long ago, HME blew into the outdoor industry scene seemingly from out of nowhere and instantly garnered industry media buzz, most particularly because of innovative, truly functional product designs — a great thing considering the outdoor space is quite saturated with gimmicky products lacking truly beneficial functionality. While HME’s entire product line rightly turns heads and can certainly get more customers in your door, their Three-Piece Field Kit is definitely worth some prime shelf space.

The HME Three-Piece Field Kit is constructed of 420HC stainless steel and specifically designed to handle virtually any wildlife species you choose to take down without compromising field-dressing safety. The kit includes a T-handled 8.75-inch bone saw; 7.5-inch fixed-blade, drop-point caping knife; and a 9.5-inch fixed-blade, drop-point knife complete with a gut hook.

While all three tools boast slip-resistant thermoplastic rubber (TPR) grips and a corrosive-resistant black oxide coating that also reduces dulling,  and the bone saw features a blunt tip designed to minimize risks of puncturing the bladder or intestines. A nylon sheath is included for easy carry in a pack or on a belt.

12 Survivors Bare Bones and Skin N’ Bones Kits

12 Survivors produces two lightweight, skeletonized field dressing kits well worth consideration for your hunting inventory, a robust Skin N’ Bones eight-piece kit capable of making short work of big game on virtually any continent and a compact Bare Bones three-piece field-dressing kit, composed of some of the same tools included in the larger set and perfect for processing mid-sized animals like deer and feral hogs. The Skin N’ Bones Kit includes gloves and a carrying case, while the Bare Bones Kit features a piggy-back sheath complete with an integrated sharpener.

Both 12 Survivors kits feature drop-point style gut-hook and caping knives constructed of 5Cr15MOV stainless steel with slip-resistant Defense Grip coating. The Skin N’ Bones kit also comes with a fillet knife, bone saw and ribcage spreader.

Outdoor Edge RazorPro Saw Combo

When it comes to field dressing kits, Outdoor Edge has maintained quite a track record as an industry leader. Their focus on innovation and reputation for producing products that perform and last continues to drive hunters of all experience levels to choose Outdoor Edge’s array of knife kits season after season.

More recently, Outdoor Edge’s patented replacement razor blade system has earned notable buzz, and the design has turned once bulky knife kits into single-handled, multi-tasking knife sets compact enough to attach to your belt or throw in a cargo pocket — the RazorPro Saw Combo is a great example.

Designed for compact carry in a single nylon sheath with a hook-and-loop enclosure, the RazorPro Saw Combo is comprised of just two handled tools and multiple replacement blades. One tool boasts both a gutting blade and a replacement-razorblade knife set in a blaze-orange, rubberized TPR handle. The other tool is a bone saw with a triple-ground tooth pattern, perfect for cutting through pelvic bones and sternums. The gutting blade is designed to open a body cavity quickly and efficiently while also eliminating the risk of puncturing a bladder or digestive organs. A black oxide holder keeps razor-sharp blades set while allowing for quick change-outs with the push of a button.

Gerber Moment Kit IV

Founded in 1939, Gerber, an Oregon-based manufacturer, has sharpened the knife industry’s leading edge of innovation with multi-tasking cutting tools for generations and their Moment IV Field Dressing Kit is the epitome of the brand’s reputation. I’m not sure a huntable species exists anywhere on Earth that is incapable of being reduced to meal-size portions under Gerber’s razor-sharp blades and the Moment IV comes with everything one might need to handle such tasks.

The Gerber Moment IV Kit boasts an 8.6-inch drop-point knife complete with a gut hook, 7.5-inch T-handled bone saw, 7.1-inch caping knife and an anodized aluminum rib spreader. While the two knives are constructed of 5Cr15MoV stainless steel, the saw blade boasts SK5 steel and a blunt tip to prevent bladder and intestine punctures. All Moment IV tools are designed with full tangs and slip-resistant, nylon-core, rubber-molded handles and store in a compact, soft-sided nylon case.

Buck Knives PakLite Field Master Kit

Like the fine knives they have built for more than 117 years, Buck Knives was forged by the hands of young Hoyt Buck, a blacksmith in Kansas. Like an heirloom knife, Hoyt handed Buck down to his son, Al, who passed it on to Chuck in the early 60s. Soon after, in 1963, Buck developed the famed Model 110 folding knife and unveiled it in early 1964. While Buck Knives’ legacy began in 1902, it was the 110 that secured Buck’s future, or at least the company’s ability to remain relevant and grow over the 55 years since.

Like a fine wine, Buck seems to get better with age, and the PakLite Field Master Kit is modern-day proof that Buck innovation is alive and well. The PakLite Field Master Kit is composed of three cutting tools — a Model 135 PakLite Caper, Model 499 PakLite Guthook and the Model 141 Large Skinning knife. All PakLite Field Master Kit knives are skeletonized for weight, traction coated and are constructed of rugged, razor-sharp 420HC stainless steel. The nylon sheath features removable liners for easy cleaning, zippered pockets and an adjustable belt strap.


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