Video: How to Rig Wild Shiners for Trophy Largemouth Bass

Targeting monster largemouth bass with wild shiners is very effective, but you must be rigged correctly. Your standard bass gear isn’t the best choice.

Video: How to Rig Wild Shiners for Trophy Largemouth Bass

Capt. C. C. Corey is a well-known guide in north Florida for trophy largemouth bass. His YouTube channel is filled with videos of him catching monster bass, and his No. 1 bait is a live wild shiner.

If you’d like to get started live bait fishing for bass, in Florida or elsewhere, then it pays to use a rod, reel and line suitable for this technique. Your standard fast-action, heavy-power graphite rod that works perfectly for pitching jigs or casting hollow-bodied frogs isn’t a good choice when fishing with wild shiners. 

As Capt. Corey explains, you need a rod with a strong butt section for pulling big bass from heavy cover, but it needs a soft tip to cast a wild shiner without tearing it off. A fiberglass or graphite/fiberglass composite rod is the best choice, and the good news is these rods are inexpensive. Capt. Corey prefers a Berkley Big Game Power Series baitcasting rod, and he matches it with a Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 6500C baitcasting reel, which features a free-spool clicker that is ideal when using large live minnows for bait.

He spools the reel with 50-pound-test PowerPro braided line in moss green color. Depending on bait presentation, he sometimes uses a large Styrofoam float, and he typically ties on a 5/0 or 6/0 plain-shank, offset hook from either Eagle Claw or Mustad. The one he mentions specifically in the video is an Eagle Claw 084AH. Finally, he places a tiny piece of rubber band over the barb to keep the shiner from sliding off the hook.

The video below begins with Capt. C.C. Corey landing a Florida largemouth in excess of 10 pounds. His You-Tube channel is filled with him catching bass to nearly 12.5 pounds. Watch and learn.

P.S. — If you’d like to book a day on the water with Capt. C.C. Corey, he recommends calling (386) 325-3743 and leaving a message. He says it may take him several days to get back to you because he’s often very busy.


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